swinging low off these emotions and mood swings

i’m not perfect.
if you’ve been following me on the foxhole,
you know that i go through many different emotions.
i can experience many different mood swings,
no pop smoke tho.
some can say that’s the cancer zodiac in me.
we are a very emotional tribe.
it can be my fault as well.
when i write certain personal and transparent entries,
i don’t expect a big turn out.
entries like that are for me to vent so i can get it out.


i do want to font something about the foxhole tho

I am extremely grateful for those who reached out.

there are times i fall,
but you all come to pick me up with absolute quickness.
can we get some extreme foxhole energy in the chat?
i don’t apologize for being a human and living my life without any anesthesia.
there are times when i hurt pretty hard and ya know what?

That’s perfectly fine.

i’m feeling eh,
but i’m looking forward to a better day.
i am gonna surround myself with things i love and bring me joy.
i’m going to recharge my batteries to get back to where i was a few weeks ago.
i went from having a working routine to feeling derailed.
something feels off within me,
but i’m gonna turn things back on.

*if you’re feeling suicidal,
please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “swinging low off these emotions and mood swings”

  1. Let’s get it bro. We all have our off days but the beauty about our purpose is that it’s not centered on how we may feel at the present time. Smile handsome and be encouraged.. and REPEAT these words: “I’M WORTHY of all my blessings and I deserve to be HERE”

    Have a great day Jamari

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