the hair stylist and the alleged hook up gone terribly wrong

meet bashar kallabat.
very handsome.
he was a well-known hair stylist in detriot.
bashar’s life was taken too soon.
a foxholer sent me the story and well…

Detroit police said a nationally known hair stylist from the metro area was found dead in a motel room Tuesday night. 

Bashar Kallabat, 56, was found dead by hotel staff at the JZ Motel on Eight Mile, near Gratiot Avenue, around 9:30 p.m. A 22-year-old man whom police have not yet named was arrested the following morning.

Detroit police chief James Craig said at a news conference Wednesday that surveillance video from a nearby Project Green Light business led police to the suspect.

We’re told Kallabat arrived at the hotel just before 6 p.m., and roughly a half hour later the suspect arrived in a Lyft. The suspect left just after 9 p.m

Craig said the Lyft was paid for by Kallabat so police didn’t have a name to go off of, but they were able to track down the suspect through surveillance video. He was taken into custody just after 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Police said Kallabat died of an assault and Craig speculated that the cause of death will be blunt force trauma. An autopsy is pending. 

Craig wouldn’t give details yet about a motive for the assault, but he did give a strong warning about dating apps when he spoke at the press conference. Police believe the suspect and the victim did not know each other.

he looked good for 56.
that is really sad.
it seems like it was an alleged hook up gone wrong.
the police chief reiterated the same advice i’ve given the foxhole in the past:

Certainly if you are meeting someone from a dating app … one, you meet in public. Secondly, you let someone know where you’re going,” Craig said. “Especially when you’re talking about someone coming to a location via rideshare and you’re paying for it? That certainly can put you at risk.

when we as males are horny,
we don’t think clearly.
this is why some straight males get the biggest horz pregnant.
which is why when we fuck someone we are iffy about,
we will get into those butt cheeks or get that pipe,
but we move on and ghost rather quickly after.
it’s that “after nut” situation that clears the mind.
this is how i assume some of us handle hook ups.
we aren’t thinking while in mid-horn.

Start thinking

please be safe out here foxhole.
rip to bashar kallabat.

article cc: fox 2 detroit

x check out his IG

18 thoughts on “the hair stylist and the alleged hook up gone terribly wrong

  1. Such a sad story. My heart goes out to Bashar Kallabat and all who knew and loved him. You really have to be super-careful with the hyenas lurking on these apps, in addition to what the app company owners are doing with all of your private data.

  2. I haven’t used a dating app (not that I have to) in a good minute.

    When I did use them, the men were of “duds.” They were either looking for gas money or trying to put me in a position to facilitate on their terms in awkward ways. I’ve had a total of 3 actual hookups in my lifetime and lots of potentials which failed for a lot of reasons.

    I am not suited for hook-ups cause I ask and want too much for a random encounter.

    I am off and on on here these days so I don’t catch most posts or replies but I’ve seen quite a few posts on this blog involving fatal hookups.

    I, in part think is has something to do with how gays throw their affections to masc men. Don’t me wrong, I’m spoken for but I still look at men…I ain’t dea.. I’mma look… When I go on vacation and a fine man take off his shirt…my eyes shift right on over to that chest.

    It’s like going to the Dominican Republic. Almost all them motha f**kas are phine as hell…and so charming but will swindle yo ass in two seconds.

    In any case, everyone should be pating themselves on the back. We know tomorrow may not be promised to anyone. Folks seem to be making it their best interest to find new ways to harm LGBTQ and children these days. It’s a struggle. You coming to kill me, better get ready for a fight, (if he aint got a gun.) I’m grabbing pots, pans, chairs..etc. I’mma make sure before I go, my killer gonna be busted the hell up.

    To be honest, I think if you do hookups you should stay strapped or learn forms of self-defense. Be ready to Chuck Norris or Rambo his ass away if he even attempt to harm you.

  3. Another sad reminder thats its a cold world out here. But these are only the stories we hear about. Imagine how many times this happens and goes unreported. Be safe out here. No hookup, date, whatever is worth your life.This is the 3rd story since the new year to come out of my hometown too. smh.

  4. I told myself I would get back on the apps this year and try to find a relationship, but the way things are looking I might need to add to my toy collection or find a friend of a friend of a friend.

  5. Now this shit makes me worried about getting a third party involved. Ppl are using are platform to do harm and danger. Who is this individual?

  6. Its getting to the point where doing hookups on chaturbate might be the safest option. Hey sexy look witnesses, i mean viewers.

  7. I’ll never forget the time i went on a date with a guy to his house and he was pissed i gave my friend his address. That’s right bitch, you better make sure I make it home safe or the police will be a knocking.

  8. Sad knowing the guy unknowingly paid for and brought harm directly to him. In this lifestyle, many of us have met up with a stranger, via apps/social media/websites. Have to count our blessings for all the times we made it back home. Good to know that justice will be served this time though.

    Everybody be safe out in this dating or hookup world!

  9. He was ok looking, but after the story about the guy killing and eating the other guys nuts, I was done with the random hookups.

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