they got wendy crying and apologizing

a little advice for the foxhole and the world:

If you feel you’re gonna apologize for it later,
don’t say it now

this is for you.
so wendy did a show yesterday where she may have offended folks.
she was talking about “gal-entine’s day“,
where single vixens go out and turn up with their gal-friends.
she asked her female audience to clap if they would be doing it.
one of her male audience members decided to clap as well.
this is how she responded at him ( @6:11 ):

was it offensive when he said “i’m not that gay”?
well this is her apology

wendy is getting soft in her old age.
on her radio show,
she was the damn tazmanian devil.
she would creating chaos and confusion,
from outing dl males to being disrespectful to guests,

This is where she issues an apology?

i can see the offensive part of “stop wearing our skirts and heels“,
because that was ignorant,
but everything else was actually a true statement.
some gays and trans community will never feel the pain of being a cis vixen.
they won’t experience:

Getting a period every month
Realizing you’re of a certain age when you arrive at menopause
Pushing a whole human out your vagina
The heartbreak of having a miscarriage

some of us can feel like women,
but we will never feel those things either.
as far as that’s concerned,
i’d like to think we have it pretty easy in life.
imagine bleeding every month?
can’t wear white in fear of a heavy flow?
can’t schedule a dick appointment because it’s that time of the month?

as a gay male,
honestly fonting,
i wasn’t insulted by her joke.
in my defense,
i don’t look at myself in “she” pronouns.
wendy williams is not the “voice” of the entire generation either.
if you want to have a “gal-entines day”,
and you’re trans or a gay male,
then have at it.
who gives af what she thinks?
if folks are gonna be outspoken,
they need to understand that it comes with hurt feelings.
folks out here getting mad at this minor bs,
but that orange hippo has said/done worse and ain’t issue an apology yet.

When are folks gonna have him issue an apology for banning the trans community in the military?

low-key: doesn’t/didn’t wendy allegedly get all her gossip from gay males?
ya’ll gotta watch some of the vixens you’re supposedly cool with.
some are down af,
but others been shown ya’ll they are sketch city.
it’s all good now until they show their true colors.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “they got wendy crying and apologizing”

  1. I can see how it was offensive. Before I clicked on it, I was certain it was a little joke that somebody took out of context, but after watching it, Wendy did come off very harsh and defensive, like her response to the guy clapping didnt even warrant the response she gave. Who even said that the guy clapping wanted to be a female? Im so confused, lol.

    Just because a gay guy wants to hang with the girls, dont mean he wants to be one. Or is this gal-entines day a lot more serious than I thought cause it sound like a made up excuse to hang with your girlfriends to me. Its not like its a religious holiday or something, lol.

    Regardless, I think Wendy might have been feeling some kind of way about this for a while, and she chose to express it with him unfortunately. Oh well, Im glad she apologized tho

  2. She’s like the kkk guy with slightly crinkly hair or the Nation of Islam guy who resembles Malcolm X or Louis Farrakhan.

    She looks like she wore a jock strap in HS PE.

  3. I wasn’t offended at all. Ill never have a period…dont want one…women will never have an enlarged prostate …lol. Even if you get the “operation” you still can’t have babies, a period, or house a uterus…nor would I desire to. No matter how much we try to blur the lines…the lines are there…on both sides of the genders. Sometimes you just wanna be gay and not be a woman. …and then some do. It’s a kalidescope out here.

  4. I’m surprised she don’t KNOW better! She know gay males (especially feminine ones) are basically her main viewers! I’m never offended cause 1. What she said doesn’t apply to me and 2. I ALREADY KNOW that’s how majority women think, am just surprised she took it there on camera, but you see how fast that ass apologized lol you slippin’ Sis…

  5. I believe these are Wendy’s true feelings about gay men. She built her radio career off of outing celebrity males and some females. The whole “How doing you doing” started off as an offensive inside joke she would use if she though a man was gay. She thinks being gay is funny. So I’m not surprised at all.

    1. It was very very quick but she made a comment the day before yesterday r so where she said the guy in the audience looked like a “real man” aka he was straight.

      N i kinda clocked a few things she said here and there RE: Gay people but that was the moment i realized that yea, she has a lil problem. And then this comment the very next day. smh.

  6. Gay man be careful about the feminists they bout to come after us her comments were so stupid no gay man wants to be a woman most gay men especially feminine ones like be men Men wearing skirts and high heels for 1000s of years and I’m happy as a man I do not wanna be no woman

  7. Honestly I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. I believe this was about the 3rd time she has made a point to make that comment on her show. But I would expect someone who has such a large LGBTQ fanbase to do better. But at this point I think they just sit her out there and let her read from the script. Then she tosses in a little of her dated opinions here and there. She doesn’t seem to be as on it as she used to be. She even gets her stories and celebrities confused without the help of her staff… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. I think Wendy is officially out of touch with the current world.

  8. The issue is her stupidity and untamed mouth. She’s basically insinuating that all gay men want to be women and “we” all know that is not the case. She even knows that’s not true, especially being in the industry. Gay men come in many different forms and walks of life. It was nice hearing the guy let her know that’s not even his style.

    She probably low key mad that some of those feminine gay guys looking way better and more woman-like in their heels and skirts than she ever will.

    And “Texasboy” is correct. Her “How You Doing?” was her way of calling out men in segments and in her audience that she felt were gay.

    She rubs me as a woman who likes to emulate gay culture while harboring hatred towards them.

    1. She said a straight man in her audience looked like a “real man” this week.

      I also noticed that her show she seems low key drunk recently which is interesting because she was in rehab for alcohol addiction and I remember her talking about having a party w/ some girls from the show last week and they were drinking the hard stuff. week before Last week she was very VERY much on the sauce in one of her episodes.

      I’m not here for her.

  9. No one should take her apology as sincere. The response she received on social media drove this apology, or the network forced it. Wendy did not just slip up, she kept rambling on and on once she started, that did it for me. As long as she has been around she knows better. The time has come for her to be cancelled.

  10. Everybody is too f***** sensitive…PERIOD!
    If you say you like chocolate milk better than regular white milk people have a problem smh
    F*** out here 👊

    1. This was just a kindergarten analogy. Many of you have no legit rebuttals for any discussion outside of “y’all are so sensitive”.

      Anyway, I think the irony with her comments is she’s nothing but a walking gay parody. Women like her will imitate every aspect of gay culture, then turn around and bitch about not having anything to themselves because a queen walks by wearing some heels.

  11. The thing is, what has Wendy done to gain such a large lgbtq fan base that finds her comments offensive? She’s never been gay advocate! The only thing that draws the gays to her is her messy, gossipy behavior 😂

    Despite her being on top of pop culture, Wendy is STILL a Black woman of a certain age and I’m not sure why people think her views are any different from others in her demographic.

    Yes, she apologized to secure the bag, but I’m sure her and Nene are still calling y’all sissies behind closed doors🤷🏾‍♂️

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