the straight black males have come to formation to cancel gayle king?

i learned,
that by working for a black company,
you might not be protected by those who should protect you.

It can be hell working under weak and insecure black folks

the ones who are legit crab in the barrel.
it’s no secret that some blacks suffer from that affliction a corporate setting.
i’ve been watching this gayle king/lisa leslie/kobe bryant situation,
but just by observation,
and i can see why gayle is getting dragged out here…

as you know,
she got scalped for her interview with wbna baller vixen,
lisa leslie,
on “cbs this morning“:
it starts @3:11:


“As his friend,
you wouldn’t see it as his friend.”

snoop and boosie went in on her:

50 had something to say:

this was gayle’s defense:

and oprah:

it’s so funny how we were in support of gayle during the r. kelly interview,
but how the tables have turned on her now.
the death threats are out of control but…

What did Gayle expect in regards to criticism??

it’s similar to oprah thinking the mj fans/stans wouldn’t have scalped her.
with all the recent backlash kobe has been receiving for his alleged past,
especially from those in white spaces,
this didn’t help that gayle being an extension of oprah.
many of us have looked at oprah sideways because of the mj documentary on hbo.
some even before that.
from what we have seen,
gayle gave an excuse for a straight white male accused of similar crimes.
( x gayle’s excuses about charlie rose )

it doesn’t look good that all these black males are coming for gayle either.
i’ve seen crickets for the “#metoo movement” snow vixens who have given their opinions…

…yet Gayle is being cancelled and about to have her blood pressure driven up?


i can see both sides,
but if we are gonna have the same energy for gayle,
we need to give the same to white folks who cross the line.
a majority of these black males going in on this black woman…

Will disrespect someone who is black and gay for much less!

 2 of those 3 celebrities from up above are included from their past actions.
so this drama of :

“We only do this to our own people!”

…can be such a crock of shit from the wrong messengers,
but can be the truth from the right ones as well.

low-key: i think all of this talk about kobe is so tacky after his death.
folks are acting like he was a monster out here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “the straight black males have come to formation to cancel gayle king?”

  1. Why is that these hoteps love to defend other men’s life and home, like they did with the whole Kodak, Nipsey, Lauren situation as if Lauren belongs to Nipsey. Snoop recently had a whole cheating scandal and he’s worried about another man’s legacy.

    PS this is only the beginning by this time next year there’ll be at least 20 documentaries on Kobe and his life and past so I think people should save their energy!

  2. Why bring up someone’s past after they’re dead and gone. I’m sure Kobe was slanging dick all over the place when he was 24. And as if his accuser didn’t know that he was married, she got exactly what she wanted, MONEY! She most likely was a willing participate (just my opinion). As for Gayle and Oprah, don’t just target the black man, when you’re fraternizing with white men accused of the same crime. Kobe has a lot of fans, but threatening people just because they say something bad about Kobe isn’t cool and doesn’t accomplish anything, his rape charge is a part of his legacy like it or not. He moved passed it and we should do the same.

  3. Put that heifer in her place, and how dare she blame CBS for her mess. She knew what card she was dealing with. Yes kobe had his moment of infidelity but it not the appropriate time for that.

  4. This saga showed how weak-minded some black feminists and their adjacent. Oprah (and Gayle by association) are their queens that can do no wrong, so the feminist fully agree with anything they say or do.

    I don’t think people have a problem with Oprah or Gayle calling out certain things in the industry, but many of these claims have been settled and/or have little credibility. Personally, when I state the claims against MJ and Kobe are false, I get screamed. It seem like people have no regard to the rights of the accused. Meanwhile, when their white colleagues get accused, they get all wishy washy with the “silver lining” and “2 sides to a story” rhetoric. But what about these men who aren’t able to defend themselves?

    There seems to be a trial by media and that’s scary.

  5. Everybody are looking at the wrong picture. Its not about her mentioning the whole trial. Its about the simple fact, that case has been silent for more than a decade. Nobody hasn’t even thought of that case until that yt reporter brought it up. The reason people are upset about it is because he hasn’t even been laid to rest and people trying to drag him for a case that was dropped over 10 years ago. They dropped the case in 2004, we are in 2020. That’s something you bring up after he has been laid to rest. The man died holding his child that was supposed to be his legacy on the court. That’s why people are mad, not because Gayle or the yt reporter said it but because it was brought up at the wrong time. Like all celebrities with a past, let them get laid to rest then bring their history up in documentaries after that because it is going to come up again. The reason people are more mad at Gayle is because she is supposed to know being a woman of color to allow the grieving process before you drag their history up. If this was one of your family members, you would be ready to fight. You know about the past but damn can you grieve first. Thats the whole point of what people are mad at Gayle towards. If she didn’t mean for the clip to come off like that, why ask the question? Why give the network something to run knowing thats not the right time to ask.

  6. Why is anybody surprised? Oprah brought Monique’s brother who molested her on the Oprah show. She told Mo’nique the wrong date on purpose and lied to her family saying she couldn’t make it. Despite being molested herself, Oprah exploited another Black woman’s pain. Oprah is ready to throw Cosby, Kelly and Simmons under the bus but is silent on the sexual White offenders she is friends with and has made rich. You are the company that you keep. Where is the Gayle King Harvey Weinstein interview? Exactly.

    1. ^!!!!!!!!!!

      i don’t know WHY oprah didn’t just do her super soul sunday stuff and mind her business.
      she has literally opened up a can of worms on herself.
      gayle is going down due to being an extension of hers.

      i’ll never forget how she threw a birthday party on this boat and invited all these white celebs to watch the mj documentary before it aired.
      i can’t co-sign that kind of shit

      1. i don’t know WHY oprah didn’t just do her super soul sunday stuff and mind her business.

        GoodBYE Jamari! I already told you about your recknless mouth. I am cackling at 4:30AM in these streets! I didn’t know about the party to watch a documentary. That sounds…disturbing and odd. Like a cult.

  7. They have been talking about this man on and on for way too long. He is dead and gone. Let him rest in peace. It really doesn’t matter what anyone says anymore. People dragging her does absolutely nothing to change the situation.

    I do not understand why people cannot just let others who die rest without trying to conjure them back up for no reason.

    I know one thing, they would never apply this same energy to a gay Black athlete.

    Kobe wasn’t a hero to me. I knew little about him but I still respect his death, his daughter and the others who died…

    Loss of any life is terrible…

    But it’s over and done and people are still trying to uncover stuff for clout.

  8. I don’t care how tragically any celebrity dies. Even if the wrong you did was 20 years prior. Your legacy is YOUR legacy. You better believe the day Trump dies I’m calling him every name in the book before his body gets cold. If i’m a journalist, i’m asking his supporters, his party, his family all about the racist life he lived. Your legacy is up for discussion the moment you die, ESPECIALLY if you’ve wronged others. Life isn’t fair, and neither is death. Kobe’s rape case is a BIG part of his legacy. The best anyone can do is ATONE for those sins while you’re living (not just in words, but in actions), so your friends/family won’t have to answer for them when you’re dead.

    Journalists don’t owe families a damn thing. They are here to ask questions. Especially ones that make you uncomfortable. This is their job. I want Journalists to do their job when Trump dies…talk about the good (there is none) and ALL the bad and ugly. The minute he dies. and Forever.

    The family can grieve and avoid the topic all they want….but the rest of the world……let’s talk.

    1. You wrote all of that but other DNA was found on the woman and she recanted. A friend of hers said she was an opportunist. I am sure they had sex. Probably was consensual and she wanted a payday.

      His daughter died. There were never any other woman coming forward. No such thing as a one-time rapist. Everything done in the dark comes to the light. And talk about what exactly? How she got paid for having sex with Kobe?

      Let’s talk about how Robert Downey Jr is a domestic abuser and Mark Wahlberg’s racial violence. Oh…we can only put Black people under a microscope? If all of this White trash can be forgiven and swept under the rug, let’s keep the same energy.

      1. Lol. So your argument is if white men are allowed to rape/be racist/be violent without consequence, then black men should get the same opportunity? I also don’t know what “no such thing as a one time rapist” means…..

        You’re clearly not understanding my point. I’m not making an argument about Kobe’s innocence. I’m saying this rape case is a part of his legacy. It’s obvious the facts surrounding the case are murky, and there is a lot that we don’t know. This is why journalists like Gayle King ask the questions they do. It’s their responsibility to get context and to obtain answers. It wasn’t a cut and dry case that proved innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

        People are just very sensitive right now because they love Kobe. I get that. The family has every right to only highlight the good/favorable parts of his legacy….but that’s not the role of journalism. To the people that love Kobe, his family, his friends, there will never be an appropriate time to address those allegations. This is my point.

  9. I keep hearing about the “responsibility ” of journalist. They are suppose to do this, do that , and all the bullshit excuse coming from the classroom mentality of what a journalist is supposed to be. But everyone is forgetting that a ” journalist” is human first and what does that mean? It means as a human being where is the ” class” , where is the compassion for Koby’s family who has not even been buried but no, here comes Gayle King being used by the supremist CBS to do their dirty work for RATINGS to bring up an allegation of the past, an allegation that NO ONE has the details about.

    The court has dismissed it. The bitch got her money. When will it be EVER dismissed in the court of public opinion? Who , in the court of public opinion can cast the first stone at Koby? Who is so pure? Dont we ALL have chapters in our life that we dont want read out loud?

    Gayle King is a compliant Negro earning her coins for a white supremacist network , period. For her to seek cover with her blah blah blah meaculpa is not holdingwater. That’s disingenuous at best and a fucking liar at worst. SHE KNOWS WHAT THEY DO BECAUSE SHES ONE OF THEM. THEY PANDER AND PROSTITUTE THEMSELVES FOR RATINGS. So just STOP Gayle, just STOP!

    In every demographics people protect and respect the dead. Koby is still cold in the morgue. Family, friends, Sports fans are still trying to make sense of the trauma of his death. People are still grappling with the reality of not only Koby”s death but the reality of their own lives. People want to compress. There is no time for the gotchas and. ” ….But as a friend you really wouldn’t know..” probing questions to a situation that was settled in a COURT OF FUCKING LAW.

    Timing is everything. I have learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything. Read that again. TIMING. IS. EVERYTHING.

    1. Trump’s impeachment was settled by the Senate. There was a trial, there was debate, there was a vote. The Trayvon Martin case was settled in a “court of fucking law.” Since those cases were settled, do we just pretend they didn’t exist? When will it be the right time? A year from now? 10 years from now? I guarantee people will complain at those time points too. There will NEVER be a right time. Friends, family, fans will always be offended. Gayle asked the question, Lisa could have respectfully declined to answer. That’s what she should have done. I wouldn’t have entertained the question if it was a question about MY friend.

      Journalists have a job to do. The interview was about his legacy. The rape case is a part of his legacy. Even if it was allegedly settled. Gayle was doing her job. It wasn’t her only question, and she did highlight the good things Kobe did. There was conversation all over social media about the rape case after his death, it’s not like she sprung the question out of nowhere.

      We ALL work for a white supremacist something, in a white supremacist country, with a white supremacist President. Dismantle the system.

  10. I feel bad for Gayle. She does not deserve having another celebrity call her a bitch and issue death threats against her on social media. Where are the people calling out Snoop Dog for his toxic shit? To me this is more about how we devalue Black people. Black women in particular! Snoop Dog would never publicly threaten a white female journalist and direct his mob to bully her like he did Gayle. You don’t have to like the interview with Lisa Leslie, but to defend Snoop’s actions is just reprehensible!

  11. Last year, many in the LBGTQ community came for Kevin Hart and the insensitive assed jokes and tweets he made about LBGTQ people. Several people defended Hart because he’s a comedian; “nothing is sacrosanct for comedians”, they said.

    Gayle King is a journalist; she asks questions for a living. How is it the SAME straight folks and some of our own defended Hart for his profession, but Gayle needs to ashamed of herself and cancelled for HER profession?

    I watched the interview. Gayle opened that line of questioning with, “It’s been said that his legacy is complicated.” And it HAD BEEN said!! It was said when he retired. It was said when the #MeToo movement took off. It was said last year when he won an Oscar for his animated short film. Gayle was quoting those stories when she asked the question; the exact same words, “his legacy is complicated because of the accusation” . She ended that line of questioning with, “Is it even fair to question it since he’s no longer with us? ”

    SHE called it unfair to question the entire thing with him being deceased. Why? Because it was brought up by CBS, CNN AND ESPN at the same time!!! Yet, Gayle is the only one catching hell and getting death threats.

    That’s what I don’t get.

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