white women love black males for their durags and big ol schmeat

everytime i saw matthias mckinnon on my ig explore page,
i always pictured the many ways i’d ride him around every block in ny.
this picture with him in clothes:

holy guacamole.
he was so nice when i posted him ( x on the foxhole ig ) too.
he hit me up with that shout out.
well come to find out,
he is in an interracial relationship with a snow vixen.
this video i saw on my twitter timeline tho…


she likes black wolves because of durags?

most snow vixens and white gays are obsessed with our “big ol schmeat“.
that’s one of the reasons they carry on the fetishism.

i didn’t care for the video.
i don’t know what possessed matthias to make this video.
as someone commented:

It looks like a slave unboxing video.

it gave me that energy tbh.
if he wants to date and procreate with snow vixens,
go ahead,
but this video didn’t do him any favors.
don’t you hate when black folks do corny shit like this?

matthias just be #bodygoals and take your clothes off.


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Can’t beat something you never had …

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don’t ruin the fantasy any further please,
i beg of you.

pictures cc: instagram

22 thoughts on “white women love black males for their durags and big ol schmeat

  1. Just to be clear I like Matthias Mckinnon I have followed him for a while now, I don’t mind the interracial dating thing because it’s clear as you have posted that his past girlfriend was in fact a black woman and for whatever reason it didn’t work out. As a young person you should date around and date often I just have a problem when you exclude black people from your dating pool as a black person and then go on to make problematic statements as to why you can’t or won’t date black people; and so far as I can tell that hasn’t been Mr. McKinnon; although to be honest I think it would be great if he ultimately ended up with a black woman.
    The only thing that troubles me is the fact that I don’t believe as a black person you have to debase or humiliate yourself; you don’t have to be the beast to her beauty or king Kong or the stereotypical big black buck. As an adult you should know the history and legacy of this country and if you knew the history, I think you would find it hard to be portrayed in an unflattering stereotypical fashion. I look at a lot of these fitness people and they’re bench pressing white women and having them gawk all over them, and I’m like “what is this” “I could never”. Show some pride and have so dignity about yourself.

  2. I am so disappointed in him. I am a regular follower of his on ig and I enjoy his content. Lots of shirtless pics and him working out. Nice chest and booty!! And he is very handsome with so kissable lips.

  3. Never heard of this slavish clown 🤡 until today. Sadly some Black men see some White women as a small token of access and success.

  4. I understand why some (*some*) of these black men date outside their race. There are some black men who genuinely and earnestly date black men. I’ll give an example;

    Being a black man myself, I primarily prefer to date black men in particular. Caucasians are at the end of my preference. However, navigating the diverse gay pool in Nee York at least, based on my experience, I’ve realised that my attraction is seldom reciprocated by my own race outside of the hookup or friends with benefits. Why should I continue to pursue black men if all my own race thinks that all I’m good for is a hookup or fwb? I’ve seen this in both social and professional settings as well. Who is to say that some of these successful athletes/actors/people in the public eye haven’t been through the same?

    I’m not about to block my blessings because some black men think dating Caucasians for whatever reason outside the above example is socially and politically expedient. I’ll just go to my next preference. If that happens to be a Caucasian fella, then 🤷🏾‍♂️. All I could say is that I tried my best to seek out and date black men to no avail.

  5. Let’s not act like gay black men are any better…. Let me remind you all it is a gay black man, Jeremy O. Harris, that has a play out called “Slave Play.” According to Wikipedia, the broadway play is “about race, sex, power relations, trauma, and interracial relationships. The play follows three interracial couples undergoing Antebellum Sexual Performance Therapy [read: race play] because the black partners no longer feel sexual attraction to their white partners.”

    And weren’t many of y’all complaining about Derrick Gordon and Darren Young’s pathetic excuses for why they don’t date other black men not too long ago…???? Mmhhmm…

    As a whole, black men LOVE being fetishized by non-blacks as it give them a sense of much-needed validation in a virulently racist society that constantly demonizes them and only lauds their perceived innate stamina when it applies to field/court or bedroom. T’is is the sad truth that many aren’t willing to admit.


  6. Her reasons for liking Black men can be the same reason anyone can like any man of any race.

    I don’t know who this man is….

    Those reasons are dumb, uninspired, and unrealistic and are the product of goofy stereotypes and Nigganomics.

    Ever reason she named has nothing to do with how he is mentally or contributes to society….only the way he acts because if how muscles his body is. The ole lollipop relationship…🙄 Clearly, it fetishist behavior since there is absolutely no reason he needed to have his shirt off in the video.

    Where is his: The reason why I like white women video? Is she taking those sheets off too to show her tiddies?

    Probably just another let’s get some attention video.

    Are these actual adults doing this because I find it hard to make sense of two grown adults expressing love like a pair of high school freshma right after smoking pot on a Saturday night.

    The Til Tok video is also kinda creepy.

  7. If we’re honest, many straight Black men when dating, aren’t thinking about love. They’re thinking about how their women will look. So when you’re never in the discussions of attractiveness except for your penis, when a White girl gives you attention you think you’ve hit the Jackpot.

    You start making fun of the most disrespected woman, the Black woman and join in with your White girlfriend disrespecting them. Then, when she leaves you, you try to bring your scraps to a Black women, hoping she’ll put up with your mess.

    There is hope though. Look at Russel Wilson. She chose him..and also cheated on him. I don’t care that he’s likely biracial, he presents as Black and will be treated as Black when he gets pulled over.

  8. I feel like anytime sometime has to list reasons as to why they date another race it automatically makes their reasoning invalid.

  9. I felt every piece of this cringe ….notice we didn’t see a “smart” or “intelligent” . Most of them were purely physical attributes. I’m …disgusted.

    1. Good point and he’s eating all is too. Poor thing I just know she and her family calls him all kinds of dumb niggers when he isn’t around

  10. Its so weird when you see these handsome black men and their white partners. Recenetly I followed a “trainer” on IG, was looking at his pics and saw he was married sure enough to a white woman. I just shook my head. I’m not against interracial relationships but damn. I mean so many beautiful sistas out here and you end up with that. But the thing that gets me is these white women they choose are never on their level looks wise. Like the trainer I followed: he’s all in shape, muscles bulging and everything. While the wife looked rather homely. No kind swag to her, just plain. I know people like what they like but again damn. Then they post these odd pics together and it just looks so funny. Like you have this ripped up black man and here’s this slovenly white woman. Honestly it makes me think their into some type of race play in the sack. IDK it just seems like the brothas are afraid of the sistas.

    1. ******* Black Inferiority Complex *********** at its height!!!!!

      These “Blacks “who partner with” Whites” will deny it because its so embedded. As a Black person raised in America I can see how this happens . I choose to love , date, “fuck”, become intimate with Black . I cant imagine not seeing and feeling the love and bond that is a part of being Black.. To each his own however no other culture suffers from such ‘SELF HATE. I appologize for anyone who is mixed or the result of a Black and White union.. I am merely commenting on why its so prevalent that many of our Black , Actors, Trainers and others go this route.

    2. What about the part where Black men dump the educated, independent Black women who supported them in acting, athletics, whatever until he got put on and then dumps her and gets with a White woman who has nothing?

      The only case I’ve seen is Jeremy Meeks getting an heiress. They always downgrade and are the breadwinner and when she leaves him, takes half of what she didn’t help to build.

    3. A lot of these homely looking white women they choose to date/marry are supporting them financially and look the other way while they prostitute themselves to men for muscle worship sessions or more🤷🏾‍♂️

      I’m telling you what I know from being around these gym types and a lot of these men can be found on rentmen.com or you can shoot your shot in their dms.

      They are NEVER on their level of attractiveness. They either look masculine or like an extra from The Walking Dead 😂

  11. He doesn’t look too bright……. See…. you can judge a book by its cover !!!!!

    I could have accepted the Beautiful, Confident ,,,,BUT !!!!!!

    1. You can tell that dude is a big ass coon, like most straight black men nowadays. I emphasized “straight” because I don’t see this coon mentality amongst gay black men as much as I do amongst straight black men. In his most recent Youtube video he was attempting a weightlifting P.R and this white boy who I assumed was one of his friends was letting that N-word fly when he was singing along with the rap song in the background. These black men see fucking white women as some form of acceptance but in all actuality they are nothing more than human dildo’s to them.

      The video…


  12. He always struck me as one of those brothers who get with a white woman cuz she wont question or care about him messing around with men.

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