aunt wendy makes her debut and addresses ya’ll gossip

i was checking to see if aunt wendy was coming back today.
it has been 3 months since she skipped town and went into hiding.
well ^that is her making her debut back on “the wendy williams show”.
she addressed her health

and the rumors surrounding “that man” she’s married to:

i guess it’s cheaper to keep him?
the audience was cheering on that bad behavior,
but i guess all in the name of “we missed you!”.
it’s good to see her back tho.
no one can do “the purple chair” like she can.
she looks healthy and well rested.
she needs to get back to that “fun & messy wendy” from few season’s past.
the one that had more weight on and was kinda like “radio wendy”.
that pathetic mess from a few months back was a real downer.

lowkey: this is her hot topics…

and her thoughts on “leaving neverland”:

no one does hot topics like wendy.
she needs to keep it together.

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8 thoughts on “aunt wendy makes her debut and addresses ya’ll gossip”

  1. Maybe she has an open marriage. It must be exhausting faking it with THAT thing as a husband. I don’t care for her or her show anymore cause she’s got no credibility. What happened to “let it all hang out”? Easy to dish everyone’s dirt but not your own huh Wendy??

  2. If Wendy likes sharing her husband with his side chick that’s her business Hell maybe she has a side dick.

  3. Wendy is a messy heifer. Ready fix her mouth to spew other people gossip but can’t deal with her own.

    I saw clips of her return. She was quick to flash that wedding ring. That don’t mean shit. I’d be more impressed if Kevin came on the show and flashed his.

    I think she will relapse by the end of year. If not by the end of summer.

  4. Wait… she said he was makin’ only $1800/episode… whaaat?… tha’s incredibly low, no? Maybe she meant $18,000 and even then that I’d think that’s a low market value for even Empire… *shrugs*

    1. The Hollywood Reporter says he and Yazz (Hakeem) make $125K an episode.Trae makes less because Jussie and Yazz also do music(besides acting) on the show.

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