busta rhymes said put your hands where his eyes can see (and not on his ass)

what’s wild is that i just revisited busta rhymes discography recently.
i have never heard his first album but it was pretty good.
the power of streaming services.
the following is the perfect example of boundaries.
i don’t know why this she-jackal thought it was a good idea to do this.
she wanted to get busts’s attention so she grabbed…
his ass??
he reacted and well…

some males do not like their tails being grabbed.
some go as far as not being grabbed in sex either.
according to the fan in a quote via ( x the breakfast club ):

“I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic.”

did she think it was in her best interest to grab his ass to get a pic?

what did she think was gonna happen?
did she think because she was a vixen that she had a pass to touch him?

Sidebar: Has any of the Foxhole ever experienced that?
Someone touching or grabbing on you in a public place without your consent?

i find that most gays would be like “i wouldn’t care“.
some gays take that as a sign of interest tbh.
i was taught growing up that when a male is aggressive in that nature,
that is a sign that he is down to smash.

I’m learning that many things that I was taught by other gays were actually problematic and risky af.

either way,
i think we need to keep discussing boundaries.
it seems to be an issue with everyone.

5 thoughts on “busta rhymes said put your hands where his eyes can see (and not on his ass)

  1. To be honest for me it would’ve just been awkward, but in this post covid world absolutely not. I don’t like people touching me or invading my personal space

  2. Sounds like he has a very sensitive ass. Hmmm. That seems like a problem – for him and abnormal. He likes what he likes and is entitled to. But it is logically crazy and does make one think Hmmmm.

  3. Busta did right because that’s sexual harassment. If he had touched her ass it would have been a total new ball game. Simply, she would have been trying to get money out of it a lawsuit.👊🏼 I have always liked Busta’s music and his style.

  4. Durand Bernarr got a song about Boundaries that you all should listen too and get your entire life from.

    Busta is top 5 for me so any Busta praise, I’m totally here for lol.

  5. Rightfully so! Keep your fuckin hands ti yourself! If he would’ve done the same, regardless of the reason, that first album you just went back and listened to would’ve possibly been no longer found to stream bcuz he was cancelled. SA is SA regardless if the perp and their sex… we gotta KTSE!

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