TI’s Bunz Are For Vixen’s Paws Only

so i know a couple folks will have a problem with the following.
it’s the:

“feel free to touch anyone bawdy parts because they advertise”

so ti had a concert recently that nearly ended in an assault and battery charge.
a male in the crowd did something interesting.
he grabbed ti’s bunz which caused ti to super heated.
this is what ti said when he found out during the concert…
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The New “B” Word That Is Totally IN

…. but who are you?

No really, who are you?

I know you are a human (or alien) stuck together by skin and bones…
… but you are also made up of personality, hurt, and different characteristics.
You know, those things that make you, you.

The only problem is,
a ton if us do not know who we are and we just follow whatever stream takes us where.

Falling victim to trends.
Changing your opinion because some one else said so.
Scared to even be yourself and enjoy things that maybe “uncool” to society.

Are you forgettable?

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