The New “B” Word That Is Totally IN

…. but who are you?

No really, who are you?

I know you are a human (or alien) stuck together by skin and bones…
… but you are also made up of personality, hurt, and different characteristics.
You know, those things that make you, you.

The only problem is,
a ton if us do not know who we are and we just follow whatever stream takes us where.

Falling victim to trends.
Changing your opinion because some one else said so.
Scared to even be yourself and enjoy things that maybe “uncool” to society.

Are you forgettable?


I know it sounds complicated, but it actually isn’t.
Branding yourself is basically standing out from the crowd.
Branding yourself is sticking an S on your chest and declaring yourself SOMEONE.

It is also gives you an invisible bar code  that lets the world know who YOU are.
A screen name for real life, if you will.

You could have an amazing sense of style.
The way you word things or the jokes you make.
The mystery about who you are and why people are drawn to you.
Creating catch phrases and people using them.

In a crowd of people, do you stand out the most?

I am a brand for example.
When you think of Jamari Fox, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Hopefully a sexy ass dude that has a high sex drive.
I kid.
Realistically, it should be “Foxes and Wolves” .
It should also be little quirks, wisdom, and other things on my site that will remind you of me.
When you see a good looking dude or even a sexy baller,
it can spark a “is this Jamari worthy?”
Even #81 and his brand could remind you of mine.

That is how you should be.
Not everyone can have a site or even wants too.
But, what is it about yourself that makes you stand out from everyone else?
Ultimately that is what will attract everyone to you,
and make you seem higher than the average.

So I want you,
Fox, Wolf, or Vixen,
to really sit back for a moment and ask yourself who you are.

Your answer may surprise you.


Author: jamari fox

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