Aaron Maybin Should Break Me In

… and all I can picture is the sight I saw when he had on a wife beater,
lips all pink and moist,
muscles rippling,
and his body in full “Needs To Be Fucked” mode.
If his body is a temple,
then that muthafucka’s name should really be Aztec.

Truth be told….

I think that big ol DC niggum would break me in half,
resemble me,
and then break me again.

Not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it.

What does puzzle me is how I read an article on him saying he wanted to find a good woman
and be a good man and be married and blah blah blah….
….but then recently has a child out of wedlock.
I guess whoever he was breakin’ at the time broke the condom.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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