Milan Christopher Is Bringing The Straights To Us

michael jackson inspired?
so the “kim kardashian” of the gay attentionisto community,
milan christopher,
is out here bringing everyone together.
some of these male straight wolves who rap and sing could learn something.
well tank,
someone named phresher,
along with milan christopher,
were the featured acts of this years dc pride.
these are some pictures and videos milan took…


the vix-bi who sent me the story commented on tank performing shirtless.
i think that is a big step.
tank is probably comfortable with himself and happy to be on a stage.
i’ll allow it,
and for the first time in foxhole history,
i’ll allow milan for getting this together:

good look to tank,
and whoever phresher is.

lowkey: good to see tank taking off shirts for the culture.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Milan Christopher Is Bringing The Straights To Us”

  1. Tank must’ve needed some money. I am shocked he performed. I saw some clips, and while he was shirtless, he kept his hand over his package a lot. LOL

      1. The Shade Room has a better video of Tank (from the front).Of course half of the comments are calling him gay since he performed for a gay crowd.

  2. im sorry but i cant with al of them, milan, tank,safaree
    and tank why he need a lot of these money, he has say so many bad thing overt gay communities i cant pass
    im always question why ,gay can easily pass and forgiv these homophobics singers, why just for fantasy and these shirtless act seriously

  3. Hhhmmm, I’m actually impressed not only with him being shirtless but that they were able to book someone still pretty relevant and not a Monifa or CeCe Peniston (and I loooove me some CeCe, but….well, u know)…and Jamari, Phresher!…remember, I sent u this a while back and told u it was my shit!…love this song….I’m kinda shocked with this booking also….but after viewing the video, maybe he falls into the trade category and feels right at home…

  4. Something in the back of my mind is telling me tank has done something or said something before on the past that was homophobic but I can’t remember right now🤷🏿‍♂️ But people change ( especially when there’s money involved)

    I will say it was a big step of him to perform shirtless there.

    1. Actually, after he mentioned he doesn’t mind having his ass ate, ppl called him gay. He’s gay Friendly

  5. I was ready to risk it all for Tank at that concert (clearly my boyfriend was too lol). Heavy daddy vibes lolol

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