foXXX: Did David Mcintosh Get Some Peen Leakage?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.24.32 AMwho is ready for some mid sized little friday ratchetness?
i am!
i am!
so king david mcintosh allegedly got got.
an f-bi alerted me that a tumblr named “walls0fjericho got a hold of king david’s alleged nudes.
you know i had to post this before i went to work.
well you be the judge if this is really david or not…
and “not for straight eyes”)


x see more here

if this is him,
all i have to say is:

tumblr_m9hqpsr73Z1qgjario2_250 tumblr_m9hqpsr73Z1qgjario3_250 tumblr_m9hqpsr73Z1qgjario7_250god i love my f-bi.
they get on it for the foxhole.
so david just became single and he already sending out nudes?
are we mad tho?
raise ya tails if you not mad?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “foXXX: Did David Mcintosh Get Some Peen Leakage?”

  1. You always come through, Jamari. Nice way to start the 3-day holiday weekend. Play, safely, everybody and enjoy!

  2. lol JUST LIKE I IMAGINED it would be!!!! GREATNESS i already was in utter lust with this man but now i love him…he’s a bttm, top or vers matter what your position is you can have fun with this action figure…damn he FIONE!!!!! lol SN: loving that big mushroom head on his dick…PERFECTION

  3. Well from the pics, David MacIntosh has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to dick and ass. In fact, his dick and ass are probably somethings to “write home about”. Good for him. I will add this: His body and his ass are better looking than his dick but so what? That’s the case with most men. Few men have pretty dicks. (But it’s not the looking at a dick that makes it. It’s how well the dick functions. By the way, it’s the same with a woman’s vagina and vaginal opening. Few women have pretty vagina/vulva/labia/clitoris. It’s not how it looks. It’s how it functions.)

  4. Well Damn, been wanting to see this like forever LOL, I heard that another blogger had them but she would not release them for free, but oh well thanking who ever was kind enough to share. Very nice Mr. McIntosh.

  5. He has nothing to be ashamed of, that body and Dick are a blessing , so thick and juicy. I know his ex is missing that.

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