jamari fox is a nobody

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there will be more than a few set backs.
you will have more than a few naysayers as well.
people who will try their best to bring you down.
without these issues,
it wouldn’t give you the opportunity to prove yourself.
go from “nobody” to “somebody”.
it takes being brought down into the fire for you to rise up out of it.
show you the life you deserve.
well i’m in hell at this job and it’s really hot…

at work,
my department has been working on a huge assignment all week.
of course,
my boss would put liar liar in charge.


 as a leader,
she is absolutely terrible.
i have been giving all the best ideas and people like them.
for a very jealous and envious person,
that isn’t good a good thing.
bad enough people compliment me at work on many things.
the new “it” fox to come on the scene.
i have out shined her in every way.
isn’t it crazy how other people can recognize your greatness?
in a group meeting,
we actually got into it yesterday over a minor suggestion change.
she isn’t into the trends.
she doesn’t follow entertainment like i do.
i said:

“i know what i’m talking about.
i am always online and i see what different celebs are doing.
i follow many of them and i think my suggestion would work.”

well she responded:

“um actually you don’t.
if you knew what you were talking about,
you wouldn’t be working here.
you would be doing something with your life.
your job is to work here and follow these rules.
just like its my job to do the same.
no one here cares about you or this dream world you live in…”

it’s wild funny she would throw that in my face.
i was telling her earlier this week how i really want to get into my career.
she agreed and said she also wants to pursue hers as well.
one of the moments she actually looked human.
i shouldn’t be shocked though.
i bet she was holding that one in for a while now.
i wanted to quit after she said that.
it was a cute dream.
she doesn’t know about what i do outside of work.
the stats i have achieved over the years.
the emails i get from my loyal f-bi.
working fashion week a month ago.
she doesn’t know about ( x the interview ) i had during my lunch break.
she knows that i am passionate about entertainment and fashion.
eager to be doing more in those fields.
i had to remember she is on the outside looking in.
until i am legit doing something,
then she will believe me.
do i even need her to believe me?

ironically right after liar liar said that,
i got an email telling me that the image consulting gig would not be work out.
she liked me,
but didn’t think i would be a good fit within her company.
she actually went with someone else.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21235-1367856474-8basically everything liar liar said in her tirade earlier.


it honestly felt like the air was being sucked out the room.
i stayed pretty quiet for the rest of the day/night.
i wanted to go see “addicted”,
but i came home instead.
back to square one of getting out of hell.
i refuse to let that bitch (or anyone else) be right.

lowkey: i will live happily ever after.
i will live happily ever after.
i will live happily ever after.

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14 thoughts on “jamari fox is a nobody”

  1. Don’t feel bad Jamari I in the same situation and we must step out on Faith and go forth. People and stumbling blocks are going to come, but we must be like a hurdler jump over them and keep our eyes on the prize and goals we have set forth in our lives. Keep the faith and stay strong man!!

  2. No long lecture here.

    Just remember the strong move in silence.

    I’m in the same predicament, working a job I’m overqualified for and underestimated in.

    I’m constantly plotting my exit to bigger and better things

  3. If I was you, I wouldn’t have told her my dream. I would keep all conversations between she and I, light and pointless. People like her are angry inside and would take an ounce of anyone else’s happiness and kill it. Keep trying at your dream, one day it will become reality.

  4. Jamari, keep focused. Earlier commenters offered good advice, especially Lindo’s advice to share nothing with Liar, Liar. She had demonstrated, repeatedly, who she is. If the boss wants to put her in charge of projects, keep your ideas to yourself; she would only lie and claim they were hers. Let her falter. Do what you need to do to cover yourself.

    Continue to look. It’s good you had the interview, and look at the decision to go with another candidate as good for you. Why? The interviewer said you would not have been a good fit, which saved you from more drama. You may not have liked them either. Let each interview you have be practice for the next one, until you land the next gig which is coming!

    In the meantime, be balanced. This blog gives you an outlet to release. Add some physical activity. I recall you mentioning you were considering working out at a gym but I think you might have given up on it. If so, a gym membership is not necessary. You can do some exercises in your apartment. That physical release is essential — some push-ups in the morning would be great or in the evening, if that person has worked your nerves. In fact, after the next meeting you have, where she throws shade, do some push-ups at your desk or take a quick walk around the block; both or either would do wonders. Trust me; I’ve been there and, as a black man, I still have to use these survival skills. It goes with being the most feared and envied specimen on the planet — the black man. Remember, you’re a winner.

  5. I am sorry that you didn’t that image consulting job. But seriously when are you going to learn that Lair, Lair is your enemy? First you gave her the power over your potential relationship and you had to tell her about your dreams. Shut the fuck up, Jamari!!! The only thing you need to say to her is Yes or No.

    1. ^actually she was just there.
      she is always just there.
      the mailroom wolves,
      thing 2,
      and i were all having a convo about what we want out of life.
      i didn’t go into details.
      i just mentioned i am in entertainment and would like to get into it.
      she shared more about her life than i did/do.

  6. In the middle of the chaos and commotion you’re going through, you have to stay encoruaged, hungry and passionate about where you want to be. After all, you owe it to

    I’m going through a similar stage, but refuse to succumb. Never rely on another to always understand where you want to be, we all don’t share the same vision.

  7. Let that bitch hate all she wants, I know deep down she senses you are meant for bigger and better things. If I were you I wouldn’t let that she devil know any of my dreams or aspirations keep that to you and the people you can trust.

    Oh and I think you should still go see addicted it will help take your mind off what happened. Keep your head up.

    1. ^i might go see it tonight.
      i don’t know yet.
      i’ve literally been in bed catching up on shows i miss.
      i may go to the barber shop so i could at least get a fresh cut if i decided to go.

      i am in 100% agreement about keeping my dreams to myself.

  8. That broad Liar is bad news man. I swear every time you talk about her I think of Omarosa. You can’t step on another person’s dream like that, but this is a cut throat world. Don’t feel bad about the consulting gig, just look at it as a temporary setback for a major comeback.

    1. ^yeah i don’t feel as bad about the image consulting gig.
      i really hate this chick tho.
      this job will forever be my biggest learning lesson.

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