I’m Gonna Beat This In A Week

batman-arkham-asylum-coveri don’t like being sad these days.
once i see that i am going to that place,
i try to find something immediately to make me happy.
i have been wanting to play “arkham asylum” for a while now.
my intro was “batman: arkham city”.
i beat that in a week or so.
i was actually gonna go buy it from target for 15 bucks.
how funny i came across it to download in my system’s game store.
its starting out pretty good.
i can’t wait to beat this and get “arkham orgins” to complete the series.

lowkey: am i the only one watching “gotham” on fox?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Beat This In A Week”

      1. That’s who it is! I was trying my hardest to remember who it was that talked liked that. She didn’t talk like that in the first episode, so why in the hell is she doing it now. It’s annoying as fuck!

    1. Playing as catwoman in arkham city was cherry on top of the cake. It took me four days to beat asylum the first riddle had me stuck for a while. I loved arkham city though

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