Where the Career Opportunities Are

tumblr_mkffp14hal1r4956bo1_500so today was the day!
i had my career interview today…

when 1150am arrived,
i left that job with absolutely no fucks to give.
liar liar was talking about:

“um you need to return back on time..
i’m hungry.”

marilyn-monroe-byei got on the train and went two stops downtown.
once i got down there,
i met with a vixen at her office.
she also has a 9 to 5.
nice body.
crazy vixen swagg.
she basically told me more about what the career opportunity was.
it was to help do image consulting for her start up company.
she works with vixens right now,
but she wants to expand into wolves.
right now it will be free work,
but it will become paid pretty soon.

tumblr_mgsmu4LItn1qc0eh6o2_500i mean it wasn’t the answer i was looking for,
but its something to at least get my feet wet.
i am pretty excited so we will see how it goes tho.
i got good energy from this vixen.
thanks to everyone who wished me well.
oh and i told her i was sick,
but still wanted to make the effort to meet anyway.
good decision dean.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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