David Ramirez Shows His Tail

David-Ramirez-Homotography-Joan-Crisol-01model david ramirez wants us to know he has a nice tail.
yeah you….

David-Ramirez-Homotography-Joan-Crisol-06he did a shoot with photographer joan crisol who captured it perfectly:

tumblr_lmsjpu6LRx1qjwrkti guess he couldn’t wait to strip down to show it off.
do i blame him?

shiiiiidddddd i’d always be showing mine off.
maybe even twerk – ratchet jamari was here.
it seems like joan has a thing for nice tails as well.
good shots joan!

pictures credited: joan crisol

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “David Ramirez Shows His Tail

  1. Lovely pics! Sidenote: don’t you hate when you can’t see the balls through the space in their legs from the back? Or is it just me? Do they tape them up or something?

    1. Honey coloured, I like that. But yea I would date a honey coloured dude too, but Puerto Rican from Puerto Rico, not from NY.

  2. I like the shot of him in the hat with his pants pushed down just under his ass. I find that one sexier than the actual ass shot! LOL

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