Jennifer Boyle Sings The Blues

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-14-37-pm i love when the jackals and hyenas show their ass,
but end up being assed out in the process.
it goes to show karma is very real.
so remember this ( x she snow hyena from this entry )?
she was the trump supporter acting belligerent over a shopping bag.
she claims she was discriminated against by black vixens who worked at the store.
well looks like she has been found!
this is an update
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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Jackals

tumblr_inline_muyuuryDg71rqcq1bmy crush has left the building.
no seriously.
that fine wolf i liked in advertising is gone.
gone i tell ya!
i nearly wept.
usually i would see him come to my floor,
but for the last few weeks,
he was a no show.
it wasn’t until one of the jackal’s liar liar knows spilled the beans.
well broke the whole jar with a whole new kind of desperate
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