there is no HR department in the entertainment industry

when you get into the entertainment industry,
you are going in there solo dolo.
there is no one to call when you are being sexually harassed,
or being told you have to exchange sexual favors on the casting couch.
there are many who live in shame after things they’ve done/experienced.
this is why there is so much drug and alcohol abuse.
they do those things help them forget.
 have your shit together before you enter that jungle because…

There is no HR department in the entertainment industry

cassie and so many others have taught us how brutal that jungle can be.
there is no brother or sisterhood in there either.
you can meet someone who you think will be your friend but realistically,
when you have nothing to offer them anymore,
they will ignore your calls and send your emails to archive.
you are legit renting your space in the industry.
it’s hell of a business to get into and can put you in hell during your exit.

You need to have all eyes open.
The ones in front,
in the back,
and the middle of your forehead.

Learn how to handle your liquor and limit your drug use.
Some of these folks are hardcore and/or functioning drug addicts.
It’s best to avoid it so you can think clearly tbh.

You need yo know what you are signing up for and what the costs are.
All contracts need to read and revised by an attorney.

You need to learn how to be patient and not jump on every free lunch.

You should have a strong team already in place.

  • Manager
  • Lawyer
  • PR
  • Day One Friends

Be careful who you have sex with.
Not all body parts are attached will lead you to a pot of gold.
Not only that,
people can sense when you are desperate and will take advantage of that.

Speaking of sex,
 a career in entertainment and having an OF is the kiss of death.
When the jackals in those jungles learn that you do sex work on the side,
it will be rough trying to be taking seriously.

Be smart with escorting.
Avoid all parties with Tina.
Fuck that bitch.
If she is going to be in attendance; RUN BITCH RUN!!!!!!

“Know when you hold em and know when you fold em”.
If the jackals can sense you will bend over quickly,
they will fuck you.
I’m NOT talking sexually either.

You should know the art of networking.
Be cordial with everyone and never forget names.
Be kind as well.
People remember kindness as well as bitchiness.

Know how to keep a healthy distance but still remain open.
That’s a skill not a lot of people learn.
They get in there and want to be at every party.
What did Jay say?
“Your presence is a present.”
There are events that are must attend because for networking purposes.
Other shit where the alcohol is flowing and mistakes can be made?

Don’t burn bridges for the sake of burning bridges.
People you think are at the bottom can be your greatest allies at the top.
Never underestimate anyone.

Don’t hang out with the gays in this industry because y’all relate on being gay.
Many in the gays in this business are messy,
social climbing,

and will expose your business if crossed.
There are some great gays and some horrific ones.
You’ll know who is who.

you have to be smart and calculated in that jungle.
one mistake can set you back tremendously.
always remember:

There is no HR department you can run to when shit goes left.

it’s just you.

lowkey: these tips even apply to other industries.