there is no HR department in the entertainment industry

when you get into the entertainment industry,
you are going in there solo dolo.
there is no one to call when you are being sexually harassed,
or being told you have to exchange sexual favors on the casting couch.
there are many who live in shame after things they’ve done/experienced.
this is why there is so much drug and alcohol abuse.
they do those things help them forget.
 have your shit together before you enter that jungle because…

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SURPRISE! the entertainment industry ain’t shit like corporate america!

everyone i know wants to be in the entertainment industry.
before in school,
i knew many who wanted to be the next jordan or kobe (rip).
everyone i know does something in the industry.


i live in new yawk so it’s natural.
social media has created a world where you can be a star in about 5 minutes.
any loser in real life can flex big shit on an ig profile.
it’s all well and good when you’re online,

Do folks know what it’s really like in the entertainment industry?

i was watching a video that had jaguar wright in it.
she caught up with storm monroe and allegedly exposed mad people for about 3 hours…

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Everyone Meet My Brand New Piece of Pussy.

it has two definitions.
it can be that thing you have on your face when you don’t shave for 2 weeks.
like, now.
baby when do you plan on getting a cut?
you look terrible.
or it could be:

the big breasted,
shiny haired,
“look like you have good pussy”,
vixen you usually saw in your dreams or a magazine spread for bras.
today foxhole,
we gonna talk about the beard,
or to some of us:

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How To Seduce a Wolf While His Wife Is Sitting Right Next To Him

I make “straight” Wolves feel comfortable.

Call it a gift.
As some Foxes make Wolves get into that zone in private,
others can do that in public and be the “friend” or “cousin”.
Some Wolves actually like the fact he can bring you outside and you not raise a single alarm.
But, when you meet a Wolf who has a WIFEY…
how do you keep from having her suspect anything?
Wolves these days are putting Vixens on their arms and pretending to be straight.
It is pretty pointless and messy if you ask me, but whatever.

But I always wondered…

Does she secretly know?

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The Taste of Fame

The Eddie Long-Stroke drama had me thinking last night…

There are ALOT more men like him…

…. and I’m here to tell you about em.

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