How To Seduce a Wolf While His Wife Is Sitting Right Next To Him

I make “straight” Wolves feel comfortable.

Call it a gift.
As some Foxes make Wolves get into that zone in private,
others can do that in public and be the “friend” or “cousin”.
Some Wolves actually like the fact he can bring you outside and you not raise a single alarm.
But, when you meet a Wolf who has a WIFEY…
how do you keep from having her suspect anything?
Wolves these days are putting Vixens on their arms and pretending to be straight.
It is pretty pointless and messy if you ask me, but whatever.

But I always wondered…

Does she secretly know?

Ever since Star Fox left, I have been pretty lonely.
He has been busy with his new career,
and I have been knocking down doors with mine.
We speak on occasion, but not as much as we use too.

I met a Fox while networking in the industry recently and we started hanging out.
He seemed cool so I put him through a few tests before I revealed myself to him.
He is still on a 3 month test period, but he seems like a cool brotha.
Since he has been in this industry and lifestyle for a while,
he has schooled me to the game along with a few gems about DL celebs.
We will call him, “Dirt Fox“.

Last night, Dirt Fox and I went to an event to support a fellow artist.
She brought out quite a turn out so it was also a great networking event for the both of us.
We sat at a table with a couple, but I peeped the Wolf when he walked in.
Well, he peeped me and was eye fucking the hell out of me on the low.
As usual, he was my muscular type… and with his wife/girlfriend.
Looked something like this:

He could not stop eye fucking me and Dirt Fox the whole time we sat there.
He must have told us his whole life story, all while she sat there and chimed in on occasion.
I ended up getting up to mingle, while Dirt Fox stayed and chatted with the couple.

When we left, he told me that he got the Wolf’s number when they both went to the bathroom.
I saw them both go to the bathroom and I expected dick to mouth networking.
They were even texting each other while at the damn table.
I looked at the texts for proof and it was pretty suspect.
He didn’t “reveal” himself yet, but the conversation in the texts was leading up to something.

Typical DL Wolf.

Fox said he has dealt with this type before so he knows exactly how this goes.
He feels he will probably be getting that dick by the end of the week.
And she doesn’t know anything…
or does she?

It got me to thinking about the Vixens in this D/L situation.
Is she ever aware that her man is double dipping?
Or, does she know and is just okay with it?
Maybe not, but she doesn’t want to be alone so she just turns the other cheek.
It is a new generation of idiots lately.
I got the impression he has money.
He just slangs that pipe to whomever and she ask no questions of what he does.
As long as he, that pipe, and that money come home to her.
Shit, he was fine as hell with mega body (although his clothes were kinda typical muscular Wolf).
I did look at her briefly and she looked pretty fucking clueless.
I am sure I could of had him if I wanted too.

So he would fuck me,
As he is fucking Dirt Fox….
… all while going home keep on still fucking her.
I had to wonder… 

Who is really getting fucked?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How To Seduce a Wolf While His Wife Is Sitting Right Next To Him”

  1. Some know and put up with their dude being DL because they got the $$$.

    Some are just plain clueless.

    Some know but are swingers themselves and like to join in (Don’t be surprised if Dirt Fox gets asked to 3sum).

    Or it could be an open relationship and she is seeing a bigger, badder Wolf on the other side of town who REALLY blows her house down.

    I wrote something similar in a blog called “Twists and Turns”

    1. ^ya know what?
      I said that to him.
      I told him that she may join that later.
      How could she not know they were texting?
      Even though the texts were “innocent” enough right now…

  2. Sorry but I wouldnt trust a dl dude who tries to pull a dude with his gf anywhere in the vicinity. Thats extremely messy and speaks volumes to me.

    This dl dude I chilled with had the right idea. He said when hes with his gf his head is there completely. You can feel free to speak to him but trying to seduce him would be a fail if hes with her at the time.

  3. Both the fox and the gf are getting fucked: both are exposed to questionable dick and diseases.

    DL dudes are played, give me an honest upfront bi dude and save the drama.

    1. ^but here is the thing,
      Dirt Fox is just trying to fuck.
      He isn’t trying to get locked down.
      He just wants the dick and will keep it moving to the next.

      Is that still wrong?

      1. Yes it’s still wrong…but that doesn’t mean not to go through with it anyway. Just be aware of the consequences.

        If either gets that good nut, oxytocin kicks in and then you can’t stop thinking about the other person, then drama starts.
        Demands, ultimatums, and bullshit.
        Someone always catches feelings, always. Being stalked is no fun.

    2. said a mouth full and exactly what I’m thinking.. Plus, this reminds me of some jerry Springer shit and I always end up feeling bad for the females who are getting hurt in the end, wether is be disease wise, or emotionally. I wouldn’t want some guy to play my moms or sister like that. Which is why I spilled my mom ex boyfriends tea.. shit wasn’t bought to go down like that!

  4. I refuse to deal with a downlow man, being honest.
    I appreciate discreet men, but a downlow man irritates me. Mainly because it’s cowardice, in my opinion.And there’s nothing that disgusts me more than a coward.

  5. He sounds like the typical DL dude who don’t know what he wants. Or he knows what he wants but to afraid to go after it. He may be with her for a child, family, or he just likes to play safe. In the end it will all come out and hopefully he will know what to do by then. He’s either gona deny deny deny or say fuck it I like the feel of a asshole

  6. As a former DL dude omg007 hit that shit on the nail! Speak the truth brother.

    Frankly I think this who binary sex category thing we got going on in the United States is bullshit. People’s sexual tastes can change — I know women who have been with men, then women, and back to men, and then doing both.

    Human sexuality is so fluid — people fall along a spectrum.

    The reason we have so many DL black, white, red, brown and purple men running around is that everybody wants to put folks in boxes and categories instead of just letting them be themselves.


    1. LOL thanks immanuel22!!! i know so wel cause i was deep in the DL colset. i mean when ever i went online i would delete everything in the history. and when i use to meet dudes i would always sit in one spot then approach them. but i got over it unfortunatly a lot of our brothers are still stuck in there situation. i know we see things on tv about guys being out and free but in the rest of the worl especially in the south its still a hell no. so like i said it will hit its head one day and on that day he will have to chose. just he choses the right thing for him

  7. A majority of women that are with downlow men don’t realize it. The signs are usually there, but they’re often ignored. You would think they would catch on, but they don’t which I find very strange. Attempting to pick up another dude with your girl around is just straight up disrepectful. These men need to decide what side of the fence they want to be on when it comes to relationships. It’s wrong to have both at the same time.

  8. Some people like the flexibility of being with a woman AND a man. If their partner is okay with it, why should the opinion of anyone else matter? What if the man is not in a relationship? Should he have to choose one or the other? I just think that people should be allowed to live their lives. I am not condoning or disputing what is right or wrong, just speaking out. Some like pussy and dick/ass. Some prefer only one of them. That’s just the way of the world.

    The gf/wife probably is aware, but perhaps she messes with women, so the relationship works for both them both. Or maybe the dick is just too good, or he eats her out like a mad man, and she’s blind to everything else.

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