SURPRISE! the entertainment industry ain’t shit like corporate america!

everyone i know wants to be in the entertainment industry.
before in school,
i knew many who wanted to be the next jordan or kobe (rip).
everyone i know does something in the industry.


i live in new yawk so it’s natural.
social media has created a world where you can be a star in about 5 minutes.
any loser in real life can flex big shit on an ig profile.
it’s all well and good when you’re online,

Do folks know what it’s really like in the entertainment industry?

i was watching a video that had jaguar wright in it.
she caught up with storm monroe and allegedly exposed mad people for about 3 hours…

i mean,
she went tf in.

allegedly (and not in particular order):

  • someone walked in on diddy getting sucked up by a famous male singer
  • how they literally pushed everyone to the side to make alicia keys a star
  • how clive davis was the machine behind alicia; she isn’t what she says she is
  • when jaguar was getting push, mary went and sabotaged her career (even tho they was cool)
  • beyonce is lying about her age
  • the tory lanez situation is an alleged sacrifice
  • the shade room gets paid to either mention certain artists or not speak about them

…and that’s just a small piece.

i can say i’m in the industry and i’ve heard all of this.
i’ve heard worst.
i don’t know what’s real or fake when it comes to jaguar,
but i had to ask myself…

Would she have been spilling tea if she was “in”?

it’s easy to do all of this when you have nothing to lose.

folks need to realize that the entertainment industry,
just like corporate america,
is very cutthroat.

it truly can be like game of thrones.
with corporate america,
you can go find another job.
with the entertainment industry:

This is usually your talent and the “end all and be all”.

with black folks,
it is very small.
if you aren’t prepared to kiss ass and suck dick,
literally and figurately,
it can be a real grind.
for some,
nepotism or someone they know gets them in the door.
others fucked the right people and got extremely lucky.
social media can be a big help,
but i see most of these folks can’t even handle criticism without firing back insults.
males get all in their feelings when complemented by gay males.
it’s a mess.
everyone wants to be “the star” but doesn’t know how to handle it.
“the star” has pr to handle their battles for them.

i tell folks all the time to focus on their careers and stop chasing fleeting fame.
the real stars work on their shit every single day.
it can be a sacrifice that many don’t want.
it’s all about drive and consistency,
but it’s all about talent and being kind.

Folks love sleeping on being kind in this industry

i see so many assholes and bitches who don’t realize they’ve burned silent bridges.
the sign of a rookie is those who only fuck with the popular kids.
they are all suckin’ a dick to get put on.

What makes you think they gonna put YOU on?

 real rivals are revealed when you’re better than them at something.
like jaguar accused mary of doing,
you don’t know what is being said behind your back while you mind your business.
it can be your own skin folk that will cut your throat while wearing a velvet glove.

even if jaguar is talkin’ big shit,
she is the perfect reflection of once the industry chews you up and spits you up.
you go from being a talent to an honorary gossip blogger.
once she has nothing else to talk about,
she will see who is really interested in her.
only the strong survive in these jungles.
if you can’t play chess then…


and one last thing:


it’s a very different vehicle for black folks.
black people have always moved better in numbers.

lowkey: a wolf i use to run with,
when i was gassin’ a. keys first album up,
told me how she is playing basic piano and she can’t sing at all.
i was so vexed when he said that back then,
but i kept hearing it.
i still fuck with her music tho.

9 thoughts on “SURPRISE! the entertainment industry ain’t shit like corporate america!

  1. Alicia Keys could never sing. It was the piano and the push that made her “a legend”. I remember around the time of “Girl on Fire” people started admitting she couldn’t sing.

  2. After hearing so much about her tales, I took the bait and watched this video. I wanted to come away feeling like she is simply bitter but I didn’t. Her tales were plausible and she makes the music industry sound like a very scary place. It also makes me wonder about the stories from the artists who seem to avoid all the drama and shenanigans but remain in the industry. What scars do they have? What secrets do they know? Are some of these things why they make decisions that may seem “strange” to the uninitiated (because they know/see stuff we don’t)? I don’t know that I believe her intent is JUST to make room for those “genuine” artists, but it was an entertaining listen.

    1. Individuals like only talk when their careers are over or they trying jump start back.
      You have ask yourself this question? If jaguar career was that of Mary’s or Beyoncé. Would she be running her mouth. The answer is no.

  3. I didn’t watch the video but I will comment on the Beyonce rumor.There are dozens of videos online of Beyonce as a child with Kelly,the other members of DC4 and the first group she was in, the one that was on Star Search.So if Bey is lying about her age then all those girls are lying about their ages too.So why is it they never accuse Kelly,Letoya,etc. of lying about their ages? Also there are pics/videos of Bey with Solo from when Solo was a baby/toddler and Beyonce looked to be about 5 or 6.So if Beyonce is 5 years older then so is Solo.

  4. Most of what she said isn’t new, but only new to those who don’t pay attention. The industry has been full of devils, sex traffickers. pedophiles etc. They’ve all fucked and sucked their way into positions of power and fame. Meanwhile, everyone looking from the outside worship up these folks as if they’re Gods. That’s why I don’t stan or follow any of these artists because you’d be surprised how fucked up they truly are in REAL life.

  5. Sis needs help and those that are gassing her are no better. Like, who gives a damn about how old Bey is? We all know Clive Davis and how he works. If he wants to put you on, you’re on. He’s like one of the last real deal music execs. Gossip bloggers BEEN getting paid to post about certain artists. I know last week she said MJB was eating poon on video. Girl, you’re trying any and everything to be salacious. Does she think her career will all of a sudden take off now?

    1. ^ the cycle is about to repeat itself.
      once she is done exposing all,
      her stans will spit her out.
      they are only using her for gossip.
      she is too blind in bitterness ans revenge to see it.

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