SURPRISE! the entertainment industry ain’t shit like corporate america!

everyone i know wants to be in the entertainment industry.
before in school,
i knew many who wanted to be the next jordan or kobe (rip).
everyone i know does something in the industry.


i live in new yawk so it’s natural.
social media has created a world where you can be a star in about 5 minutes.
any loser in real life can flex big shit on an ig profile.
it’s all well and good when you’re online,

Do folks know what it’s really like in the entertainment industry?

i was watching a video that had jaguar wright in it.
she caught up with storm monroe and allegedly exposed mad people for about 3 hours…

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Who Wants To Read About What I Learned Working In Corporate?

my job is absolute bullshit.
it has gotten to be a circus of confusion.
i’m starting to see my bosses aren’t smart,
like even a little bit.
i’m just riding the wave tho.
they ain’t about to stress me out with their nonsense.
so i thought i would write a:


i don’t know if i ever did,
but it might be time for a refresher

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Talk “Hood” To Me (That Really Gets My Juices Flowing)

you know what legit bugs me foxhole?

“yo whats up dog?”

“hey son!
whats up with you?”

“yo yo yo…
whats happening with you kid?”

…”hood talk” coming from those trying to be down.
i’m talking about white folks.
it’s rampant with the older ones who don’t realize how ignorant they sound.
now i’m not trying to sound prejudice,
but read me out…

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How To Say “Fuck You” In The Most Passive Aggressive Way Possible

i saw a tweet thread today that had me laughing so loud:

for anyone on the corporate america ship,
or any professional situation,
there is a certain email language you have to use.
you can’t be responding with all the rah rah.
i know you want to,
but please don’t.
there is a lot of passive aggressive clapbackingtons.
whether it is from:

your boss
the bitch a few cubicles over
someone in a totally different department

even in industry.
the “paper trail” will keep you from getting caught up.
you have to learn how to successful font to ace it tho.
it took me a while,
but i’m a beast with my work emails.
i’m always down for a dumb ass to try it.
so i’m here to show the foxhole how to use certain phrases.
i use most of these from time to time….

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