tanksnlove admits that thing ya’ll been gossipin’ about

i got an email from one of my fav foxholer today.
his nose is always in the forests and he keeps me up to date.
i’m always appreciative of him.
the email was titled:

“He admits it”

before i opened it,
i thought it was about trump and this tax drama.
it was about tanksnlove admitting the obvious…

so do white males who snort coke/shoot up herion and run billion-dollar corporations.
it usually doesn’t end up well for them and might not for him.

what is his point?
he didn’t need to share this info because of example a:


example b:

his supporters won’t cancel his sex videos over drug abuse allegations.
why would they?
what he does outside of sex work is really none of our business tbh.
as long as his penis is working,
and he continues to tiptoe the “bicurious” line,
it’s safe to say he will be in business for a while.


lowkey: he was sexy when malik was suckin’ that penis.
( x see it here )
he was hard af too.
i think he might need to keep doing that more often.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “tanksnlove admits that thing ya’ll been gossipin’ about”

  1. I can’t get into him anymore after he posted that video on his onlyfans with doo-doo all in his ass! Nope! Y’all can have him!

  2. Tip toe? More like long jumping with the size of them dildos he be plunging inside. Its sexy tho lol. He’s not the first sex worker to be strung out. Still wouldn’t wish bad on him, hope it doesn’t consume him.

  3. Bruh when the shit hits the fan I am sure we will hear THE DRUGS WAS RESPONSIBLE. Buddy it’s your life, your choices. Fuck it up, live it up as you wish.
    By Felicia

  4. What drug? Weed is a drug but you still function. Its legal in some states. Why do we automatically assume they on crack or meth? That statement means nothing. Whatever drug he is on, has nothing to do with, what people are thinking. If you been around a crackhead, crack does not let you function a healthy life. Regardless how you control it because they can’t see what they are controlling because they are too high to notice. Crack has a bad feeling when you come off, that’s why they stay high. I’ve seen it in my family. Meth, you can function, but your body responds different. Coke, kills your dick but turns you into Superman. So it ain’t those. Weed, turns people curious thoughts into reality. Liquor passes them out and wipes the memory. Get somebody drunk and high, they wouldn’t remember if they fucked a bull but know they feel good. He lifting weights so its probably a mixture of steroids and weed.

    You not bicurious after the things he did with Malik. He’s bi. He worked with LaMonte letting dudes stroke him. When Malik sucked his dick on cam, that didn’t look like the first time because he was way too comfortable. His dick was on brick. When you fuck with a straight dude who curious, his dick is not on brick unless he watching porn and intoxicated or high. Even still it gets on soft for the first time. His mental thoughts of a man bout to blow him does that. Once he had his dick in a man mouth and knows how it feels, that shit is brick brick. They low key fucking. The only thing and reason people talking about Tankslove is because he is publicly showing signs of him becoming gay. Yet he is still in his pussy moods. He does nothing special, what does he do where people keep bringing him up? He is just entertaining his sexual desires

    1. He’s been placed photos on this OF and Twitter of him with blue pills in his hand. He’s popping pills and those are not steroids either

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