jeffree star is already looking for new penis? ( i know andre ain’t giving bored penis already?)


that phone camera quality is wassup.
ima be in line for that muthafuckinnnnnnnnnn iphone 12.
okay so is jeffree star getting bored already?
even with andre trying to get that bawdy right?

it seems that jeffree got allegedly caught up in someone else dms


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Looks like Jeffree Star is still at it. He was tryna get a lil private showing for a coin! Did he fumble the bag? Thoughts? 👀

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the dms in question belong to rapping and onlyfans wolf,
koi trice:

no cap,
judging from ( x the dick report ),
i can see why jeffree would be trying to do a private booking.
koi is straight,
but who truly knows these days.


maybe he meant book him for his music?
koi erased his tweet,
but you know the internet doesn’t let shit die.
koi should know better than that.

i’m sure andre don’t care.
hobosexuals always gotta be ready to be on the move.
he knows this is probably a temporary situation anyway.
he gotta make sure that bawdy is right in case jeffree shows him the door.

can we have a quick touch base about ^these back goals tho?
be on the lookout for an onlyfans from andre soon enough.

i would like to see it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “jeffree star is already looking for new penis? ( i know andre ain’t giving bored penis already?)”

  1. So Jefree is one of those who feel they bagged one fine wolf they can get em all FAIL!!😂😂😂😂
    Koi is being dragged by the gays but I salute him for knowing who he is and not folding for a couple dollars

      1. Cause he captioned on his IG post about this, that he “loves pussy” and “Mfers were doin too much” so you know some people in the comments got offended and did the whole “you make your money off gay men” and his replies are mostly calling them “poor” and Reiterating that he’s “not with the gay shit” you know…same ole lol

          1. He actually acknowledged that his following is largely gay but he’s not! He can’t control who pays for his OF! He asked for respect! Why do gays always want to turn straight men gay? Koi said nothing problematic but why do gays always have to turn nothing into something!
            He’s straight and loves pussy and no amount of money will change that

          2. ^hey i come in peace!

            the above comment made it seem like he was being an asshole.
            i’m not hung up on straightness.
            i do have a problem with straightness and being ignorant towards your main fan base.

        1. they can say one thing and do the total opposite behind closed doors. I didn’t know that Jeffree had $$$ like that. Koi might be paying him a visit sooner than he thinks. LMAO

  2. Now anyone that’s gay, that knows about the “gay community” (especially the white gay community) should KNOW “monogamy“ is not a thing lol Andre could still be the “main” but Jeffree wants something else right now lol y’all know gay men fuck twice and be on to the next 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Let’s hope Andre was smart enough to set some money aside for himself, which i probably doubt, cause we all knew this was temporary.

  4. No clue who dude is but good for him for not being a clown. I think people really forgetting in all this that Jeffree Star looks like straight up death. Even if a nigga ever would wanna try some bicurious shit, which this one said fuck no to, imagine thinking Jeffree Star is a viable option for it. On gays getting in there feelings? Don’t get it, its really simple, just cancel the subscription. Too many gays be having these unrealistic fantasies about OF straight niggas exclusively fucking pussy like them and these dudes gonna be someday married with kids or something lol.

  5. Jeffree has been open with his pat relationship that they’re not tradition and their bed is open. He’s actually known to bring people in and I believe they’re “compensated” for their time…

  6. Man please Jeffree looking for a 3some stop playing. If he looking for a new boo, that confirms that Andre been caught fucking another player and went back

  7. Koi likes transgender women. HE WAS IN MY DMS VIA SNAPCHAT and We grew up together. He shoulda took the money.

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