we might have paid more in taxes than trump ever has?

but her emails?
this trump/make america again saga is one thing after the next.
i thought this sunday night was gonna be a chill one.
i was gonna write a couple of entries and finish up the second of “the chi”.
the ny times decided to give the world some sunday night reading material…

so i’ve paid more taxes than trump ever has?

we don’t wanna get him too angry tho.
he might put the batteries in the backs of those itching for a civil war.

lowkey: are his stans on overtime?
they gonna be clocking in hours defending this nonsense.

x read the whole article via ny times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “we might have paid more in taxes than trump ever has?”

  1. We already knew he was crooked as hell, but I’m sure they find more if they dig a little deeper. I don’t see how anyone would defend this clown, they see all the shit that he does and continues to do, Stevie wonder can even see it! I can hear it now, they’ll say it’s fake news. They need to read 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

  2. A racist Conman and a thief.. his entire family are a bunch of thieves. My big ??? Is who is checking to make sure he’s not selling out the country to foreign interest to make money. This is dangerous terrain..He owes 400 Million dollars that is due in 3 years, he’s broke, how is he going to pay for this?.

  3. None of this is really surprising. I’m amazed at the Teflon Don tho – I wanna choose being a white man as my next superpower.

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