i’d rather have a hoe for a daughter than a homo for a son

remember that last entry about ( x daddy issues )?
i can see why some males choose to be on the low.
as much as some gays/bi folks don’t get it,
or forget how they were before they accepted themselves,
it all starts from parents.
they start the foundation of insecurities.
a foxholer sent me the following from “the neighborhood talk“.
random straight males were asked:

Would you rather have a “thot daughter” or a “gay son”?

you can already guess the answers…


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Neighbors, take a listen and let us know your thoughts!

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you know what’s crazy about this?

Thot Daughters are made from girls with Daddy issues.

half these hoes they like to fuck are by-products of ain’t shit fathers.
it’s absolutely sad to hear some of them would result to violence over a gay son.
i’m sure they’d accept a son who would end up being murderous.
if it ain’t having boys fuckin’ at extremely young ages,
to wanting daughters to look similar to vixens they’d date/fuck (pretty hair and eyes),
something is seriously wrong with some of these straights.
this is why i see black vixens supporting black males less and less these days.

lowkey: it’s crazy to me how they were probably abused by their own parents.
its on big ass generational curse.
why some folks choose to bring kids into the world is beyond me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “i’d rather have a hoe for a daughter than a homo for a son”

  1. 1st thing stefon diggs sexy. 2nd just here peeping all of jean jacket mannerisms one by one. He the type of nigga you don’t have to rest a hand the back or nothing just arched to the moon.

  2. Now this just upset me….they rather see their daughter out in the world just throwing pussy around not knowing what she can attract and may end up dead in the gutta than to have a gay son!!! Just because the son is gay doesn’t mean that the father is “soft” (as one of the men stated) Hell…I’m GAY and my dad is baby making machine…. dropping dick every way but the right way…..but I guess it’s just the ignorance of how some people are taught…..My opinion..

    1. The irony when he said that. On a serious note none of this is surprising. Is also part of the reason when I see gays going hard in the paint on a blm type deal I laugh. These the type of mfs and it includes black women too, who wont piss on you if the police literally set your gay ass ablaze.

  3. Honestly as a gay man myself, I would choose not to have a gay son. Being black is hard enough, but when you add gay to it it’s miserable. From homophobia within the black community, sports, church, and politics, to dating other fucked up black males. At least if he’s straight he has a shot at a normal life.

    1. Forget a son you mean you wouldn’t choose to be gay. If it were a choice none of us prolly would. All that shit you listed and a lot of clowns like the ones in this video think it is.

    2. & your logic is valid but we all know those dirty hoodlums in that video weren’t thinking that way, so don’t try to make it seem that way! It’s crazy how much straight black men get away with & now you’re here trying to justify their hate! PICK ME!!

    3. ….so glad I’m not the only one to think this way. I wouldn’t wish being gay on my worse enemy. I accept it cause these are the cards that I am dealt by THE MOST HIGH, but in no way shape or form am I proud or remotely satisfied being bisexual.

  4. Yo I’m laughing at the fact that I’m pretty damn sure ole boy in the Jean Jacket is gay himself lol and if he ain’t gay, niggas THINK he is, so he may wanna watch throwing those stones from that glass house, and 2. Straight niggas is some of the most “nothing to say” “nothing on they mind” “nothing to offer” folk around, just listen to them! They can’t even articulate what they wanna say, stuttering & shit lol please I wish i would be surprised or bothered by what they think

  5. The man in the jean jacket looked and sounded gay himself to have such a strong opinion on gay men. None of the responses surprised me because most of those dudes probably from the hood, and you know how they are out there.

  6. This makes me sad.I just saw a video of black teenage boys being asked if they prefer white girls or black girls and hearing the negative comments they made about black girls was disheartening. Then I come here and hear these comments these men made about having a gay son is equally disheartening.

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