Thank God They Weren’t Invited To The #Bobaque

898cca1a-056c-7bdc-35a0-b91c5a2fb9b4_TWD_404_GP_0613_0119did anyone watch the walking dead tonight??????
so i was all over this priest.
i was not buying whatever he was selling.
he was coming off real sketch city and i was waiting for it,
but then the ending was…
that ending just fucked me.
i need a minute to figure out my life.

x watch tonight’s “the walking dead” here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Thank God They Weren’t Invited To The #Bobaque”

  1. Well its pretty much safe to say that they must of ate Beth.

    Here I was thinking that he got bitten or something and was going to go outside and commit suicide because why was he out there about to have a mental break down? Imagine he’s infected and they just ate him…..hmmmmm.

      1. except, you know, tyrese did kill the dude who tried to kill judith. ya know, after he brutally beat the shit outta those walkers

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