tapes – fired

with all of my past jobs,
i’ve always put the foxhole first.
no matter what time i came home,
i would hop on the foxhole to catch up.
with this last job,
i noticed i wasn’t doing any of that.
my days were always so busy and by the time i got home,
all i wanted to do was sleep.
not only that…

i was at an all-time with depression and anxiety.
there was no happiness in doing anything creative.
shows that i enjoyed,
i stopped watching.
don’t even ask me what has happened on “green leaf“,
this is us“,
and “power“.
entertainment news that i usually found exciting started to bore me.
wolves and attentionisto drama didn’t make me feel anything anymore.
i damn near went into debt buying a new laptop to not fully utilize it.

I was losing my interest in what I love

that was getting scary to me.
my last job was taking over what little joy that i have.

i was fired last thursday.

my department claimed it was for “performance issues“,
but i won an award for my performance just last month.
make it make sense.
don’t get me wrong,
i loved my job and my co workers but…
you know what?
listen to this…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “tapes – fired”

  1. Jamari this podcast post, is the shit. Listening to you, it gives me more of like we are having an actual conversation. For some reason, you giving me Nicki Minaj listening to you. With the job, I will say, as much as you love it, let it go. If its that easy to let you go then its not the company worth losing stress over. Apparently they are looking for a yes man to do whatever they tell them to do. You have every right to be hurt but thank them for letting you go because you see how they treat their employees. Here you get an award for Performance and then you get let go for performance, doesn’t add up. Most companies feel like if you can’t do what they want you to do, they can find somebody who will. They do not care if it brings office moral down, they have somebody who does what is told of them to do instead of doing what’s right. By you being so popular in the office to them its like, you will fight for them no matter what they say. In their eyes, they can easily replace you and pay somebody a lower pay grade and have them do a lot more. You said it yourself, you was pretty much losing you. You stop doing what you love to do. Get back and start taking care of Jamari. We are always going to be here.

    1. ^omg i sound like nicki?!
      she has a good speaking voice so i’ll take it.

      you hit the nail on the head.
      you are right.
      the last convo i had with the president was him trying to help me with my career.
      i told him about the foxhole and he wanted to get me where i needed to be.

      they ruined it all with this so now i’m back at square one smh.
      but you are right tho.
      i’m gonna get back to me asap

  2. Damn you have the worst luck when it comes to jobs!!

    With your talent you can definitely start a YouTube, get it monetized and just maintain it along with your blog!
    Everybody’s doing it and you know the Foxhole will always support!

    Praying for you! Stay strong!!!

    1. ^i have the worst luck with bosses!
      the jobs tend to be okay and i do well with them,
      but the bosses be on another level of demons.

      i am working on launching the podcast and trying to do my own thing.
      i’m done with this corporate life.
      unless it’s one to help me get my paws in the door,
      i’m good one the corporate hustle.

  3. Truth of the matter at hand the corporate world wasn’t designed for people of color especially black men the fear us they fear our knowledge our wisdom they dont want us to have a house better than theres let a lone a desk etc etc doing your own thing is the only real way to rise period

  4. I really want to know how you maintain living in NYC when you don’t keep a stable job? I would love to move to expensive NYC and not worry about bills or just living check to check. That could be something for your podcast. I think you should just focus on the Foxhole and making this profit you. You seem to be able to get by so why not just invest in you? I wish you the best. It might be sign that 2020 is the year of the fox.

  5. I hate to hear this, but things happen for a reason. Get back to being you, J. Find your passion, stay prayed up and things will take shape in your life.

  6. Im so sorry that you are going through right now. But, may I say that your voice turns me TF on? Please do more voice posts.

  7. I’m sorry to hear you loss your job. If you can’t keep a job maybe it’s…YOU!
    We can’t keep blaming people for what we are doing wrong.
    Take this time and reflect but also learn what you keep doing to lose a job.
    I understand people will disagree with me but we can’t keep selling you lemonade if you’re giving us milk 😯
    I luv your blog and I’m sure your a sweetheart but get it together gurl and stop blaming your ex-bosses.
    Black gay men NEVER take responsibility for what they are doing wrong.
    Now go turn these milk shakes into ice cream 🍦
    We luv you Jamari 💚

    1. ^so im gay but i’m not a gurl so that’s 1.

      2 – maybe it is me.
      when i first started the foxhole,
      i was at that job for years.

      i go to work,
      do the best of my ability,
      always making friends,
      and taking my ass home.
      maybe I need to realize that these jobs are usually just a means to an end for me.
      maybe I am too much of a shining light that needs to stop wasting time being an admin assistant/office manager and realize there is more for me.
      i might be too nice and not set any boundaries.

      so yeah,
      it’s me.
      i need to get it together and stop letting fear hold me back.

      after looking back at all my past jobs,
      i can tell you that each and every boss were folks who didn’t deserve the title.
      they were hard workers,
      but they didn’t know how to manage people.
      they either wanted to fit in with the employees or didn’t have the leadership capabilities to handle a staff.

      if i was so terrible,
      i wouldn’t have glowing reviews and recommendations from co-workers,
      and even presidents.
      all of my ex-bosses have been pretty much disliked by a majority of the staff.

  8. Reality, you definitely need to be working as a high class Concierge. There your talents would be appreciated. Also there are tons of good Concierge jobs in corporate and still some in high class Hospitality settings. Plus once you get in with hotels there are tons of positions you would be great at. I haven’t had to use my degree because I’ve been compensated very well in the Hospitality industry. I have no doubt you would be great.

    1. ^one of the foxholers suggested concierge to me.
      i’ve never thought i could be good at that,
      but i’d give it a shot.

      my background has been administrative assisting and most recently being an office manager.

      1. Surprisingly there is a lot of overlap with those positions. Your people skills and knowledge of New York and willingness to get things done makes you a great candidate for Concierge. Plus your voice is perfect for a corporate setting. You remind me of most of my Frat brothers.

  9. I’m telling you, people are getting laid off left and right. A good girlfriend of mine got laid off before Christmas – talk about a wonderful Christmas gift that is 😑 Then I had a discussion about how the U.S. might hit a recession soon. And Trump wants to cut off SNAP from “able-bodied” in April. The majority of us work minimum wage jobs that barely pays one month rent, now they’re taking our food away. I’m scared.

  10. I listened to this morning and as already said you has too much class for a lot of these people you have to deal with. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again you speaking voice voice on the podcast is one of such command and trust. I know that your time is coming with this site and the podcast.

  11. Think of this setback and a stepping stone for a major comeback! You have been down before but you have NEVER stayed down. This to shall pass.

  12. Jamari, I’m so sorry to hear they pulled this stunt. It’s their loss. I appreciate you sharing the news with the Foxhole, and I personally ask for divine wishes–you listening, gods?–on your behalf, for a comeback that is more fulfilling and lucrative.

    Along with that, I hope you get the chance to develop your podcast project even more, because it has the potential to be the shizzzit! You have a special voice and vision. Please try to never lose either one. You know the Foxhole will be listening and having your back.

  13. Dang Jamari, I’m sorry, I fear that I’ll be in a similar boat soon, it’s nerve wracking but it’ll pass. At least now you have some time to focus on your next step. It’s about time you find a job that does right by its employees, but I guess the New York job market ain’t shit. Just another frog kissed until the prince.

    1. ^omg d i hope you don’t lose your job this year.
      it’s not easy,
      but make sure you fill out for unemployment.

      i know one thing.
      i’ve been really focused on career moves.
      i don’t think i can survive another job and the stress.
      that last job nearly killed me.

      1. Oh trust me I feel you, this one is killing me along with the lonliness but we gonna get through this. (I know the liquor store bout to get me through this though lol)
        We go through too much psychological trauma just being black and gay to be dealing with trauma from work too, that needs to stop in 2020. SOMETHING needs to go right for us in our lives, like damn! I think it’s time we’re abit more selective about the positions we take, or we’re always going to be stuck in the same rut, but it’s hard because a brotha needs money. ugh.

        I’m also looking for a therapist too, , I just don’t know where to start or what to look for.I’m at the point where my insecurities won’t even let me be with a guy, that needs to stop.

        Oh and btw, I loved listening to your podcast, it’s real cool.Listening to it felt like being on the phone with a friend yknow?

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