so my ex co-workers are determined to destroy my insides, huh?

God moves in mysterious ways.
after a comment that was left on my last entry,
i got to thinking about my journey through jobs.
i’ve been through a lot of jobs.
out of 2 jobs i’ve had,
all the rest have been “temp to perm“.
i was always promised that i’d get hired,
and would work my whole tail off,
but it never worked out.
a majority of my bosses have been pretty awful.
after a while,
i saw just how toxic most of the environments were too.
as i was laying here,
trying to figure out my life,
i got a call from my head huntress.

she let me know the OVERWHELMING support i’ve gotten from my co-workers.
when she shared all that was said,
i couldn’t help but cry.

they all called/emailed and spoke so highly of me.
so now,
it has her baffled why i’m not there anymore.
she even sees what went down was wrong and wasn’t fair.

i’ve had many jobs,
but i really felt a connection to this one.

I worked with the most amazing and talented black folks in the business.

they all treated me like family and vice versa.
it’s so bad that someone new started and it really highlighted my absence.
the impact?
this is a text this morning i got from one of my favorite co-workers there:

i’m overwhelmed.
might have to treat this asa break up from what i thought was a good wolf.
like a break up tho,
when you know you did nothing to deserve the outcome,
my old bosses won’t be able to hide from all the karma coming to them.
i hope it was all worth it.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “so my ex co-workers are determined to destroy my insides, huh?”

  1. Ok.. is it your Sexual Preference. Race ,Gender, Personal Views????? This doesn’t make sense..

    You are very intelligent Mentally Stable, Attractive and Quite capable of ‘RUNNING” These places . You need to pursue this even legally..

    I am upset that they don’t see your value and worth dear friend.

    1. ^the issue is they didn’t like that people liked me.
      i got there and people fucked with me.
      i was getting perks and other things.
      they were haters.
      my co-workers saw how i was being mistreated too.
      many of them came up to me and said “they don’t deserve you or see your worth”.
      they had to pull straws to get me out because they couldn’t say it was because i was a horrible worker.

      it was all jealousy that led to my demise.
      the stereotype that black folks are “crabs in the barrel” also rang true with them too.

      1. Yes.. I agree and it makes me so mad. I know your story to well my friend. This is why it enrages me Jamari.

        I’m so very sorry dear friend. People like this will soon pay a dear price for welding power that led to your dismissal.

        Please keep your head High. I am a good judge of character and very particular who I throw praise upon.


        1. ^thank you black.
          i’m really appreciative of you and all that you said.
          it’s gonna take a while because i really liked my position at that company.
          i miss seeing my co-workers and continuing to grow with them,
          but my department didn’t see my worth.

      2. Your comment reminded me of the quote,”Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you.”
        BTW I had no idea this was a majority black company for some reason I thought you were the only black guy there but I guess that was a former job.
        Maybe you can still get together /socialize with some of the co workers since you guys got along.I’m sure you are going to feel better,less stressed since you no longer have to deal with the toxic bosses.

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