Excuse Me While I Weep In The Corner


one of my f-bi sent me this tonight.
after i read it,
real tears.
i was still in my feelings after dreaming about my father earlier.
i love to read about shit like this tho.
i was just thinking earlier if real love like this exist?
or is it just something you see in the movies/tv now?
i guess i got my answer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Weep In The Corner”

    1. HMMM!!!!!

      Well wait raccoon I thought you said you like to turn out tops? That is how you first started here. Then suddenly you became this deep all to know faggot. What about the time you said you don’t even like men? I was right that you’re just a confused homophobe who don’t know SHIT about gay love and life. Well you want to know because your ass still keeps coming here day after day looking at the dick and ass like the rest of us faggots you despise so much. Please refrain from making comments about a lifestyle you hate so much that makes you hate yourself every time you wake up in the morning yet you rush here to comment. It’s pathetic youngin!!!!!!

      1. All his comments say to me is he is some young bi curious homophobe. He discovered this site being “straight” and is intrigued by it!!!! He turns out tops because he wants to be in control because he is fighting his urges of being straight and being gay. He really is a bottom who knows as soon as some hard dick enters that ass, it’s a wrap!!!! He will be making a blog called “Davon Been Turned Out” where he will talk about his adventures as a homophobe turned full time gay!!! All this talk about fraternity is him trying to hold onto the little straightness he has left. He is free to live as gay as he wants to be online because this double life of his is quenched in secret!!!! His comments are hateful because he is hurting!!! Notice how resentful he gets towards Jamari with the little shade he throws. I never understood it but I get it now!!! The Man was right in his comment in other post. This character is lost and is trying to find himself. He will soon!!!! Watch!!!!

      2. You can’t stumble across this site unless you are looking for gay shit. I stumbled on it looking up how to read Down low and Discreet dudes. Y’all know I’m naive when men are hitting on me, it’s no secret lol. His Prep Guide is what lead me here. I’m not ashamed. I wonder what lead him here?

      3. Now that you guys know what his deal is ,will you show him so compassion and reach out to him.Im sure some of you were in his shoes ten,twenty years ago.Signed the sensitive female 🙂

    1. YUP!!!

      You got drunk, having fun, and you decided to come read what I had to say???? Lets all expect a riveting five paragraph essay where you play the blame game!!

      1. I understand @The Man that you have tried to reach out.Sometimes it takes love to conquer hate .I thought he was simply and asshole but after reading @RJ’s comments…Well Im going to try to be more emphatic.I guess until he insults ME:)

      2. YColette, I don’t hate him. That’s a strong word to use for someone who I haven’t even met. However, I dislike his ways, and our issues run deeper than with the other people who comment here. My feud with him has been going on for over a year now, and if you haven’t read his all his hateful comments you can’t give a valid input. Those who have seen it know just how bad it is between us. Some of you are sitting back shaking your heads at the way I talk to him, but don’t know where it comes from. I’d be lying to you if I said I’d be open to fixing things with him, at the time I am not. I wouldn’t break bread with the dude.

      3. LOL You all went in for the kill huh.
        @Theman it’s called having a good ass night/time something college-aged kids do? And why do you have “deep seated” emotions against me?
        @Ycollette You can fuck the “man-curious” away from me.
        @nexttophybrid I didn’t bargain for it either

  1. I came in here to see the comments for this beautiful entry and all I see is bickering and name calling. Each one of you should really be ashamed of yourself.

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