its my model wolf favorite,
broderick hunter.
you know how much i luhved-ed him.
well let me show you all the ways…

in flix:

…on vine:

… and on youtube:


lowkey: is it me,
or have his body parts gotten a lot… plumper since?
either way i want him.
i want him now.
someone club him across the head and bring him to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “MEAT: RE-HEAT (385)”

  1. Honey, that tongue game.

    He does seem cocky though like someone that’s “too pretty” to talk to you. In a HotRod kinda way. Like bitch.. hold up. You’re okay looking but that personality just brought out every single flaw that my eyes Photoshopped over.

        1. ^okay okay fine.
          he seems nice and friendly,
          but i wouldn’t be surprised if he had a smart mouth.
          those types you try and if they turn you down,
          make a polite exit and watch them be alone or get with someone “below” them.
          sometimes those “types” only date ugly/fat to manipulate them.

    1. Have you met him? Or are you just one of these many lames that assume they know how someone is lol? Kick rocks and admire the beauty

  2. He’s a crush of mine. I would do some amazing things to that body of his.

    S/N: You know he lives in NYC now, right Jamari?

  3. Lol at these people acting like they know him. He’s a sweet humble guy. How do I know? Because I’ve met him personally on numerous occasions.

    P.S. he looks better in person

  4. Why don’t people like this dude Jamari? He seems like a nice dude (based of his tweets and appreciation to people)..

    Not to mention his “package” seems to have expanded more since your last posts.. Bring him over to me!!

    Good wolf

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