the ultimate karen becomes another ultimate example for us to feast on her destruction

you would think after all the many other examples,
these white jackals and hyenas would understand how social media works.
the tides have turned baby.
your racist behavior will not be tolerated in this decade.
so many have gotten exposed and cancelled that you’d think folks would be smarter.
they’re all still idiots.
i enjoyed how this karen was trying to get this “african american” lynched in central park:

…while choking out her dog as she tearfully called the cops,
but has become another example on cancellation canyon…

aka amy cooper worked at franklin templeton,
which is an investment firm.
the internets ended up getting her dumb ass fired

…along with having to give up her adopted rescue dog.
you know the animal lovers took a turn in her ass too.
( x see more on tmz here )
karen ended up apologizing since her world starting crashing down on “nbc new york“:


your disgusting ways will get you cancelled.
job losess,
people un-following in droves,
parents changing birth certificates,
and an automatic entrance to hell.
this is not the climate to think you will do some dumb shit and get away with it.

Yo ass will be made an example by the power that is social media

get your shit together,
you fuckin’ dorks.
we will all give you something to REALLY cry about.

low-key: why does it feel like it’s killing season against black folks?
you’d think in a pandemic,
all we would have to worry about it not breathing in toxic filth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “the ultimate karen becomes another ultimate example for us to feast on her destruction”

  1. I’m trying to figure out HOW she thought she was going to get away with that when ol’ boy taped their ENTIRE encounter. That bitch was emboldened. She was calculating and bold when she told him if you don’t stop recording me, I’m going to call the police and tell them I’m being threatened by a black man”…and did you hear how expertly she went into “fear mode” when she got on the phone?!! Damn!

    I would’ve loved to have been there when the cops came and they saw the video. Show me where he threatened you and you were in fear for your life? If it were me, she would’ve been taken downtown for making a false claim with 911 and the police, because you know she would have to reiterate why she called the cops.

    Now if ol’ boy didn’t have that video…this probably would not have ended well for him. That’s the disturbing part.

    1. Get away with what? Her goal wasn’t to get the police involved. Her voice was to intimidate him into leaving. I had the same thing happen to me in Houston. A fair inspector stole my metro card on the train. When I asked for his supervisors name. When I pulled my phone phone out to write it down he called the cops. The point wasn’t to get me arrested. What were they going to do? Arrest me for trespassing after taking my proof of payment off of me? The point was to get me to leave so he wouldn’t get in trouble. The police came. They asked the fair inspector to show him that my card wasn’t working. It worked and the officer told him to give me my card back. The whole time the Hispanic fare inspector’s black coworker stood there not saying a damn thing. They don’t call the police on us to get us arrested. They do it because they think we all walking around with drugs or arrest warrants and just mentioning the cops will get us to cower and run. You’ll notice that woman wasn’t there when the police arrived. She had no intention of filing a police report.

  2. This situation is really sad but as we already know it’s normal.
    It’s always “Open season” on African American black men.
    When you watch the video and see how bold she is in explaining to him “what’s about to happen next”
    I’m calling the police and telling them there’s a African American man threatening my life smh…Are we watching the same video?

    “Karen” (Amy) karma is a bitch!
    Take this video for what it is…another wake up call to protect yourself in the world of white privilege πŸ“Ή

    “Welcome to America” πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    1. Honestly I’m more suspect of white people who use African American instead of black. It shows an uncomfortableness with black people.

      1. She’s a racist Yt liberal. On the one hand they think they’re being correct by not saying “Black,” which they think is a negative term (it isn’t). On the other hand, they’re racist AF.

        Racist Yt conservatives don’t even try. They just say “the blacks” or “my blacks” or some other term, including openly racist ones, as well as the n-word!

  3. This video proves to me that white women are deeply psychotic and ullyfaware of their privilege. She turned on that white woman in danger act real quick. Kudos to the brother for recording the interaction. Karen can take her apology and shove it down her throat.

    1. I think, what the brother @Steve meant by “just found out NY guy is also gay” was, correct me if I’m wrong, this could happen to any members of the FoxHole: young, black, educated and GAY living in America.

  4. OKAY .. I AM SO OUTRAGED AND TIRED OF THIS !!!! Will it ever end???? ????????

    I am black ,proud educated man who for years was open to diversity and belived that there were “Good People” & Bad People”.

    However,either “THEY” Gotta leave , move to a State, Province, City or Country that I will gladly pay taxes for ,OR People of Color can create our own America Free of:

    1) Karens
    2), KKK,
    3) Minneapolis Police officers ,
    4)Trump supporters and the like!!!..

    Something has to be done!!

    I am tired of beng scared for me and all my loved ones.

  5. Did yall peep the video of Christian Cooper though? Yes, this is a tragedy and she deserves all the smoke…but wow dude is fine. Body, 57, Harvard grad, and openly gay…whew.

    1. Yes, plus he’s an out Black gay activist going back decades, created a gay comic book character (that was Asian), and is super-smart. Karen messed with the wrong one, but then again, most Karens and Chads often mess with the wrong ones, because so many of us are tired of their privileged, fragile bullsh!t.

  6. There are many reasons why I can’t stand white bitches period they all lie steal cheat fact it’s in there DNA but you’ll never hear this on news charges are to be brought up on hear 911 call was false that’s illegal

  7. All this drama…. One week they talking about a virus, the next week, it’s racism, then back to politics. Same old same toxic nonsense regurgitated month after month. Now that the, plandemic…I mean pandemic, is slowly losing a little steam…we can go back to outrage over skin tones.

    She was fine calling him African American imo. I think calling people either Black or White are “racist” terms personally. Would you call an Asian in America, a pale (or derogatory Yellow) American or American Indians or Hawaiians in America, Redskins or Brown Americans? I have connections with people from many ethnic backgrounds. I’ve dealt with both problematic European Americans and African Americans and I don’t tolerate racist rants from either one of them or the others. it can go all ways.

    Despite the social media “claim to fame” dragging, the platform is still extremely toxic. You’d have to wonder how long after the quarantine lifted before the people would go back to their same old ways. Well, at least now Twitter allows you to disable replies. I can’t stand those social media retards who get off to constant harassment of others online. Folks wanna talk about evil…some of those fukers online are just as worse.

    Like with Christian Cooper requesting people to stop making continuous DEATH THREATS against the woman who called the cops on him…

    She’s been fired and handled. Let the woman be in her misery. Is that too much to ask? I suppose it’s over and done….or is it? Nope, not a chance….just in…Another “Black” man killed….wait, Health officials say the pandemic could be worse now since the people are being….get this…the people are being people and going outside and interacting. Thousands of new cases in just TWO DAYS…Hold it, another black person has just been killed…wait, Biden is a pervert…. This just in….Yet, Another Black person has been killed which will likely cause a massive protest which we think will also add to the Covid-19 infection count…and Biden is still a pervert…

    But Ms. Reporter-lady can we talk about the surge of domestic violence cases and suicides due to people being locked inside, and it’s relation to fear-mongering….and when am I going to get my second stimulus check instead of yet, another proposal? I thought people were dying, getting evicted and hungry? Doesn’t the government care?

    Status pending……….

    I’ve personally disabled all news outlets or called them spam in my social media settings. If it’s not dealing with clientele or something work related (or at least positive) it’s getting spammed. That’s all they talk about now and probably plan to talk about all this year into next year. I know it brings in the numbers but it’s straight negativity. And my god mother like, “You need to pay more attention to the know what’s going on!”

    Please, woman..

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