would you like chocolate milk, made by nat turnher?

*the following entry has extremely sexual content.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

the tables always turn.
this is why homophobic males need to watch their mouths.
they end up usually putting their whole leg up in there.
nat turnher has never really turned me on.
i can honestly say his flicks were never in my browser history.
when he was part of that porn crew in the 90s tho,
this wolf:

and still,
moves the meter.
remember when nat had some interesting comments in regards to jax slayher?
it was in regards to jax alleged bisexuality.
( x see that post here )
well even tho nat had a lot to say about it,
he has been doing some real suspect shit.
for his next trick,
he was on some kind of canyon becoming human chocolate milk.
a foxholer sent me this alleged video…

x see it here

these straight mouthy males are learning gay males are their biggest supporters.
very smart to have flicks that puts focus for the community.
not many vixens are going to be remotely interested in that kind of content.
if males gotta do something strange for a little bit of change,
then go right ahead,
but please stay out of judging other males due to sexuality.
that one wolf likes his prostate massaged; you’re on all 4s become baskin robbins.
it’s all the same shit tbh.
that type of shit will get you dragged when your cheeks are spread for clout.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “would you like chocolate milk, made by nat turnher?”

      1. I hate ageist remarks as well, anybody would look ridiculous doing this at any age. But for him especially to be in his mid 40,s with kids doing this type of clownery, it’s just uncalled for.

  1. What the HELL did I just watch?!! There was nothing sexy about that. Also, I would’ve imagined a professional porn actor like him would ensure his draws weren’t SHIT stained prior to removing them on camera. LOL. Perhaps he should take direction from a gay man on how to cater to the community, instead of the white woman who has him pouring Nestle chocolate and milk on his ass in the middle of the desert.

    1. Omg, I literally was thinking the same thing like “are those skid marks in his underwear?” Boy, Imma need u to get that shit together…pun included, lmao

      1. That wasn’t just “Shit” that was dirty from his Gotdamn undercarriage!!! Nasty Nasty Nasty! He could’ve keep that!!!

  2. This was a bad publicity stunt. It just looks so forced. He know’s he has a phat ass and he knows folks want to top him. Hence him bending over with shit being poured on to him. It’s like people do shit to arouse the gay community to get coins

  3. So I guess in his own opinion he’s a weird Mfer?…..Nat Turnher has been suspect for years now, tbh straight porn is still a bit gay, you telling me you feel so comfortable with a camera man so focused on your ass, dick and balls, some camera man’s be so close they could literally lick the dudes ass, and he has done many orgies and threesome scenes where he’s literally rubbing balls with another man. Dude gtfoh

  4. The second hand embarrassment I got from this video is just too much. From the milk to the shit stained shorts that say”punks” it’s all wrong. I’m all for people making a living but this was kind of degrading. Anyways Jamari I am glad you pointed out Nat’s hypocrisy when it came to the Jax slayher comments. It won’t be long before Nat starts experimenting with other things.

  5. Train wreck, just terrible. Boy I was expecting it to go some place else but thank god it didn’t. I’m not surprised and now its ok to pull suspect stunts bra.

  6. Many of these str8 dudes have finally realized who their main supporters are. Reminds me years ago when flash brown made that comment about him not wanting gay dudes to watch his videos or something to that extent, only for him to shortly retract his statement once he realized they made a sizable portion of his fanbase.

    And I always found Nat’s comments on that dudes sexuality ironic considering he had many videos of him spreading eagle.

  7. I am the only one who liked the video shrugs
    Older, I mean, “experienced/seasoned” booty is the best in my opinion. They have no limits so to speak… and I’m hear for it.

    1. I have older booty and I’m very insulted. It’ll squeeze Nat’s skid marks into a diamond

  8. Justin Slayer made the comment also about not wanting gay men to watch his videos. He still gets me off (even tho I thought he was big in the early 2000s not 90s). He always smashed the baddest chicks.

    I saw a pic of CJ Wright recently and he can still get it. One thing I can commend on straight pornstars is many of them get their money then dip.

  9. Jamari did you get my FB message about my contact with Nat Turner I sent a brief message on FB.

      1. I saw Nat at the Hollywood Spa bathhouse in Los Angeles bout 3 years ago. He was hanging out in the TV room looking desperate. When I first saw him he was looking at me basically giving me the eye to go with him to a private room. I knew He looked familiar but it took me a minute to recognize who he was. He’s actually looks bulkier in person but his best features were his eyes.. beautiful eyes. I didn’t do anything with him..I’ve actually met a few notables in that bathhouse in LA..actually met a famous Bball player on the Sundeck but didn’t realize who he was until came out a few weeks later.. did have an encounter with him. not a Bball fan so I didn’t know of him at the time until aboutva month later he was all over the news for coming out.

        1. Are you male or female? If you are male, are you saying Nat was ready for the get down with another man? Despite talking so much shit about homos. lol

  10. Hell us tops loved it i would wear that ass out it would be chocolate syrup everywhere lol 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Nat used to have a nice fat ass. Now, his ass is starting to look malformed. LOL. Maybe he need to do some squats or something.

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