would you like chocolate milk, made by nat turnher?

*the following entry has extremely sexual content.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

the tables always turn.
this is why homophobic males need to watch their mouths.
they end up usually putting their whole leg up in there.
nat turnher has never really turned me on.
i can honestly say his flicks were never in my browser history.
when he was part of that porn crew in the 90s tho,
this wolf:

and still,
moves the meter.
remember when nat had some interesting comments in regards to jax slayher?
it was in regards to jax alleged bisexuality.
( x see that post here )
well even tho nat had a lot to say about it,
he has been doing some real suspect shit.
for his next trick,
he was on some kind of canyon becoming human chocolate milk.
a foxholer sent me this alleged video…
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