Caitlyn Jenner Does New Yawk Catwalk

i-am-caitcaitlyn jenner has emerged.
well she is out and about these days.
she is literally taking over new yawk.
this is her coming out of an italian restaurant last night…

giphyshe looks good.
it looks like she has also become a “kardashian” in the process.
i guess she said wanted her own shine away from that family.
they released more video from “i am cait” on “entertainment tonight” as well:

she is definitely a “kardashian” now.


lowkey: is anyone else tired of her,
or are we still good?

pictures credited: GC IMAGES | SPLASH NEWS

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Does New Yawk Catwalk”

  1. I think I’m over it , it’s like now what ….what are we tuning in to see? Her getting up to shenanigans a la kardashiam style? I’ll pass

  2. She really should have stopped with the magazine spread. That was a tasteful introduction to who she is, and that’s all she needed. Her new show just isn’t necessary

    Good for her though. I don’t have a problem with Caitlyn Jenner per se, its the people who make her SUCH a big deal. We get it, she’s brave and yada yada, can we get over it already? And the droves of people saying the same statements trying to sound liberated (“She’s fierce, “She’s fabulous” because now we have to use those exaggerated adjectives to describe her now<<<sarcasm). It's just disingenuous to me.

    Her development is interesting though.

  3. Meh. Did she really go through the “transition” struggle? I mean really? She had the means to do it right and smoothly without violent scrutiny. Or scrimping and scraping to get the surgeries or hormones.

    Nice bandage dresses….Bruce.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. I’m not tying to knock her struggle, but its just not the same as the average every day person who is going through it. Idk.

  4. Lol she better sissy that walk! I know that smile anywhere. Like some kind of internal freedom from having a burden lifted.

  5. Still looks like a man.

    Am I supposed to be oblivious to this fact or just ignore it to make him feel better?

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