Beyonce Gets Another Trophy In Style

tumblr_o8f03dbgLA1vu68cvo4_r1_400even though there has been a lot of sadness,
2016 has been a killer year for our black queens.
beyonce was awarded the coveted cfda award last night.
(cfda: council of fashion designers of america)
she joins the ranks of iman,
and pharrell williams for impeccable style.
in my head,
“serena van der woodson” and “blair waldorf” of gossip girl as well.
this is her speech below…

tumblr_nm1znm6CGq1qi23pgo2_250 tumblr_nm1znm6CGq1qi23pgo1_250she should have had a cane as an accessory with that outfit.
a dragon head on the end as it wrapped around the staff.
something that screamed:


…but maybe i’m reaching.
i liked what she said about everyone saying “no” to her before she blew up.
i bet those same animals say “yes” now whenever she comes to town.
funny how status and power work.
i can’t wait til i can experience that one day.
either way,
congrats to b on the award!

lowkey: i’m still listening to “lemonade”.
it gets me through.

see more from the cfda at: cfda website

7 thoughts on “Beyonce Gets Another Trophy In Style

  1. I love the woman she has become…zero fucks are given about trying to be a trendsetter or etc. She’s comfortable in her skin and the world, both fans and critics alike, are always curious to know what she’s wearing, what she’d doing.. Icons aren’t usually widely accepted during the time, some of which aren’t respected until after they’re good, the same goes for iconic work. For example Scarface the movie was widely panned when it debuted. Everyone hated it, it wasn’t until later that it was respected and widely accepted. but at the end of the days these celebs dont really dress themselves that much. They have legions of clothes and looks to change from.

  2. As long as she’s not wearin’ House of Verywrong, she aiight….but yeah, I side-eye fashion icon status…*shrugs*

  3. I’m glad she won too. I was reading on that Kim K. was suppose to be a shoe in this year. I cant imagine how she could ever win such a coveted award in all the drab, too tight, ill-fitted shit her wife puts her in daily

  4. It’s a no for me sorry, the only time I really took notice of what she was wearing was when she started posted candids in her garage and they popped up on Tumblr even then it looked like Solange was dressing her…I guess she’s really hot right now sooo

  5. To be honest I was a little surprised when I saw earlier today that she won this. As talented as Beyoncé is I’ve never really thought of her as a fashion icon or someone who pushes the boundaries when it comes to fashion. I guess throught her visual albums she has 🤔either way her speech was very touching and I did like her outfit last night.

    1. ^i can agree.
      she is often hit or miss for me.
      when i think of “fashion icon”,
      she never comes to my mind.
      “turning you out as you watch her on stage”… always a yes.

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