Kendrick Lamar Scalped Every Rapper In The Game

tumblr_mrhbavrzfd1rt9g1vo1_500kendrick lamar.
kendrick lamar.
kendrick lamar.
he just stepped foot in the game and already swinging.
i couldn’t start this entry without writing about this track.
this reminds me of when nicki minaj murdered “monster”.
everyone “control” which is actually a big sean unreleased track from his new album…

tumblr_mju2jrcCys1r877b7o1_500how you gonna get murdered on your own track sean?
i woulda took that verse out.
how he gonna crown himself king of ny and he from cali?
takes balls kl.
kendrick got every rapper tweeting today:

they should be with all that wack shit they released.
these are the steps of the underdog.
bow to his throne.
tumblr_mrhbaamlgC1r58ku8o1_500x listen to the unedited version

lowkey: i don’t think this was a diss record.
he just saying step ya shit up.
“it’s dead.
its stinkin!”

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17 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar Scalped Every Rapper In The Game

  1. we talked about this earlier on twitter, but still KENDRICK LAMAR JUS BODIED ALL OF HIP HOP with one first!!! he wanted to get the people talking and he did!! i just love him!! one of my favorite rappers. Glad to see him getting the shine he deserves!!!

  2. OK K. Dot got these rap ninjas panties in a bunch lol! I love how he putting these dudes on notice! Step your game up rappers, because “hip-hop” has turned into nothing but bubble gum music, everbody talking about the same things on every record. How many hoes they fucked, how many drugs they taking, how long they been locked up, who they have killed, blowing up foreign designers.I mean really lets get it together fellas!

  3. I love that Kendrick did this.This is what sports needs as well.Everybody needs to stop trying to be friends, texting each other and shit and start that fierce/no holds barred competition again.Looking at you LeBron and 90% of the NBA.I was just saying to my brother the other day.”Why do rappers constantly hop on 1 song together.”It’s boring.Every time they make a solo hit, a remix is released with every freakin rapper on it.Let’s bringing the urban sound back to Hip-Hop and stop trying to be Suburban middle class white sounding.Back in the day, could you see Britney Spears being featured on a song with Tupac or Biggie.Hell No.Now we have Miley “ex-Disney Queen” Cyrus being featured with rappers.I will admit, Pharrell did Britney some favors, they were hot.But you get what I’m saying.

    1. What’s wrong with being friends and eating bread together? How soon we forget the so-called “glory” days of hip hop beef when people were dying left and right. Isn’t that how Tupac and Biggie died??!!! I’m sorry… How they were murdered!!! Not to mention the influence it had on the youth.

      One thing I like about Lebron and the athletes of today, in general, is that they bucked from that mentality. They realize that they can be competitive on the field, but not carry that into their off court life. How they can respect each other and have genuine relationships. And in the process, they’re prospering together. But perhaps more importantly, as some astute ESPN, and guest, commentators have pointed out, the positive impact they’re having on the youth. Showing these children proper sportsmanship in action

      Miss me with all that beef crap!

      1. I don’t mean killing each other.I just mean healthy competition.In the sports world I’m referring to all the players trying to hop on the same team like LeBron did with Dwayne and Chris on the Heat.It’s no competition because they’re going to keep sweeping through the teams because they’re a super power house together.The other teams are going to suffer because their cities won’t support them because they know their team stands no chance so why even bother.I respect Rajon saying he would never join the Heat and I respect Carmelo saying he will never join the Lakers.What fun is it to watch the Heat win every year.No duh they’re gonna keep winning.It’s boring.The struggle is what makes players humble.It’s just easy pickings now.Also, the players seem to be afraid to check each other because they don’t want to hurt their friend’s feelings.It’s sports.It’s supposed to be competitive.They can shake hands afterwards to let the kiddies know to stay positive, sportsmanship and all that.I’m not entertained by watching friends play the game, but I am when competitors play.

  4. As a Southerner, fck Talib Kweli!!! Didn’t like how his comment came off. Some of the hottest rappers, lyrically, are from the south. JCole, Andre 3000, Big Boi, Big Krit, Goodie Mob, Scarface, T.I. (yes T.I.), Bun B, Luda (yes Luda is underrated lyrically), etc… Hell, even Drake spent his summers in Memphis.

    Yes we make entertaining music as that’s a part of southern culture. Bands, crunk beats, etc… NY and West Coast dominated gangsta rap b/c for the most part, their shit was more fcked up in those areas. Don’t get me wrong, there are problems in the south, but shit ain’t nothing like the projects and hoods of NY, Chicago, and West Coast circa 80s and 90s.

    So we make music according to our experience and they make it according to theirs. Don’t make ours inferior.

    1. I don’t believe that is what Talib Kweli was saying. NY rappers had their own sound and abandoned it. That is all that he was saying. I am a Southerner that likes music from all regions.

      1. Most Southerners like and embrace music from all regions. I just don’t like how ppl throw shade at the South. Talib should have chosen his words more wisely.

  5. He has single handily raised the bar in the hip hop game with that one verse. Ohhhh! They don’t like that! lol

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