Foxes Can Roar Too. You Ain’t Knowin?

music-katy-perry-roar-artworki hardly pay attention to katy perry,
but if she didn’t come on time with this track.
all by accident too.
i was listening to lady gaga’s new track “applause” just now,
and since i can’t sleep,
something said check out what the big deal was with “roar”.
well katy got my 1.29 tonight with this track.
i love the lyrics moved me to purchase…

i love that lyric video with those emojis.
yeah so this is definitely added to #thecomeback playlist.
honorable mention: “fire” by big sean.

lowkey: gaga and katy are performing their songs at the vmas on the 25th.
both with new “toned down” looks.
no meat suits and bras with whip cream guns?
i wonder who will take the crown?

x buy katy “roar”
x buy lady gaga “applause”
x buy big sean “fire”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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