Miley Cyrus Goes Fulltime Ratchet on “Aint Worried Bout Nothin” Remix

tumblr_mrg7kskDKq1sv8gowo1_500“aint worried bout nothin”
by french montana has got to be the song of the summer.
i hear that shit everywhere.
well since miley cyrus wants to be everywhere the black people are,
she jumped on the remix

french montana just got a surge of relevance by some underage teeny boppers.
he should be so proud.
i guess as long as it’s not a kardashian

tumblr_mqey79oxdn1r06iido1_250she also had something to say to her haters:

yikeslowkey: want to hear the full song?
well here ya go:

taken from: miley cyrus instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Goes Fulltime Ratchet on “Aint Worried Bout Nothin” Remix”

  1. The Kardashians are so much more tolerable than this racially confused child and I don’t even care for them lol.

  2. Oh, y’all just let Miley be great!!!!! Yes! She’s white… get over it! If she hated black culture, black folk would have an issue. If she loves black culture, black folks still have an issue. Just let the girl live! Love the blog Jamari!

  3. miley so cute, blk ppl always hating love fox i with you we all know hannah montana white but i just find her attempt to emulate black culture fun fresh and so not annoying like beiber.

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