Are You Marrying The Game?

okiguessyou know i love the game.
has anyone been watching his reality show?
i have to admit i never watched the first or current season.
i don’t want it to ruin the image i have in my mind of him.
x the game = my mind
i may give it a shot if the foxhole gives it a pass.
i will not watch lala’s show tho.
marrying the game = yay or nay?

lowkey: his kids are beautiful tho.
a whole hour of that tho…

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Are You Marrying The Game?”

  1. Hell no! That is psycho trade at its finest. My first ex was his type. I can spot it a mile away now. Gets all up in his feelings in private and is very insecure (violent) but in public acts like tough shit.

      1. I would actually give it a try and form your own opinion, I watched it last week for the first time and it was good. His former fiancĂ© is a teacher and I learned he has a smart woman, who seems to actually love him for him, and not the fame and money. Give it a shot and let us know your opinion…

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