The Game Allegedly Beats It Up (Faces Being “It”)

say it ain’t so!
busted eye sockets?
what the hell is this?
ya’ll know i lust like me some jayceon aka the game,
but his baby mama tiffney has accused him of ( x mangling her face ).
well he responded to her claims.
where else?
that’s where!
well i didn’t say my mountain of meat was the brightest.
this is what he said…
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Are You Marrying The Game?

okiguessyou know i love the game.
has anyone been watching his reality show?
i have to admit i never watched the first or current season.
i don’t want it to ruin the image i have in my mind of him.
x the game = my mind
i may give it a shot if the foxhole gives it a pass.
i will not watch lala’s show tho.
marrying the game = yay or nay?

lowkey: his kids are beautiful tho.
a whole hour of that tho…