MEAT: (513)

tumblr_mzbe20PJTb1qe8nc8o1_400“i wonder how that sausage is looking?”
k michelle is my spirit animal.
maybe i’m hers?
either way i wanna know more about these twins.
“fuck stupid” looking.
who got the update on the buy one; get one free meat special?
that episode tho….
wasn’t it all kinds of antics?

lowkey: tara and that lil kim circa bad boy outfit tho?
no bueno.

x episode 10

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “MEAT: (513)

  1. They are a nice looking set of twins. They know they are bad too. I know they have banged a couple of broads out together many times. I liked the one K Michelle had.

  2. I just saw that ep tonight for the first time and I honestly came on just to see if you’ve posted them yet….you’re on it lol

  3. The Hardy Twins (Aaron and Andrew) I went to school with them. Legendary_twin and prettyboi_twin on twitter and instagram. You’re welcome

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