Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Is Trying To Get A Reality Show

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 6.21.12 PMpour one big breasted hoe,
mix with a “smart” dumb jock,
add cum and scandal,
stir feriously,
and wallah!
this is how reality stars are made.
baller wolf,
arian foster,
has birthed a possible attention whore on our hands.
we get rid of one and another is in fetus mode.
well she is looking into reality televsion…

brittany-norwood-photos-1While Foster looks terrible right now, Norwood; clear victim in this whole ordeal, is trying to cash in on her pregnancy.  It has been announced that Norwood will launch a reality TV show called #blondashian for being the babymama of Foster.  The information Sean Pendergast has gathered on this bizarre story reads like this

In his legal docs, Foster claims Brittany has ‘already indicated in social media postings announcing that she will participate in a reality show revolving around her pregnancy and thereby draw additional media attention.’

Foster included a recent screen grab from what he believes to be Brittany’s Twitter page in which she wrote, ‘Shooting interviews for the last casting reel for my family’s reality show #blondashians.”

0114-brittany-and-mom-sub-1While Norwood is doing that, she also suing both Abdul and Arian Foster for their threatening text messages throughout her pregnancy.  She is also seeking a restraining order against the Foster family for all of the emotional distress that has been caused to her.

giphyfor arian and the jessica simpson designer imposter.
i swear to GOD
if cum dump comes up off this,
the foxhole will boycott arian foster for the rest of his career.
handle it arian.
…and he definitely can cut that “life and what it means” profound negro shit out.
we aren’t here for it anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Arian Foster’s Cum Dump Is Trying To Get A Reality Show

  1. This is a very interesting situation that is playing out. She is a bad snow bunny can’t front. As a single dude, I would have hit, but I would have used a condom lol. She got printouts of text messages and everything. It is his baby, if she is willing to put him up for a DNA test. Hoes and side pieces are winning in 2014, and January ain’t even over.

    Hope the rest of these athletes are taking notes. Hope no more of my favs mess up fooling with these hoes. They fail to realize these women do not care for them. It is all about the 18 year meal plan, and that shit ain’t no joke. I thought my school meal plans were high.

    1. The Man you hope that “the rest of these athletes are taking notes”. Hope springs eternal but unfortunately that hope is not compatible with the hope of these professional athletes. They are hoping for plentiful pussy. And they get it. So, the story of women turning their pussies into ATM machines will be repeated. Stand by for news!

  2. I want to know how she was able to do DNA test.Where did she get his DNA and what was the sample Blood,semen,saliva?You guys who date women better flush those condoms 🙂

  3. When I read the headline, I rolled my eyes like “seriously.”These people today give no fucks about bringing children into the world.That’s supposed be something special.This baby was already not special before it was conceived since it’s daddy is married to another woman.I kind of agree with JAY.Ain’t no reason for him to play the blame game.You know how this works.What, was he on break… lol.Such a ho excuse.

    1. ^and that is what confuses me jay.
      he stays playing this different kind of person.
      all his shit on his social media is “seeing beyond what is in front of you.”
      what the fuck did he see in that bitch????
      this is like when hill harper started dating video vixen,
      dollicia bryan.

      1. What did he see in her, Jamari? The answer is breasts on his lips, lips around his dick and nuts and pussy squeezing that baby-making cum out of his dick and balls. What else? A scintillating game of Parchisi? Bowling at midnight? Conversationa about politics? I think not. It was a scintillating game of poke that pussy, dicking down ’till dawn and conversation of how she can suck that dick and lick those balls better.

        Will these guys ever learn that free pussy is often times the most expensive pussy. He could have bought a high-priced hooker for occasional fucking for a lot less money than this mess will cost him. The big dummy.

  4. What ever happened to using condoms? These ballers screw raw as if they have nothing to lose then get angry when the trick is looking for a payday. I have no sympathy for Foster.

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