Bb-QvvGCMAE7FNueveryone meet alena shishkova.
she is a fashion model from russia.
like a real model.
not one with their booking info in their instagram description.
well i discovered her a couple years ago and i think she is stunning

she does that megan fox circa 2007 | 2008 make up i like on my snow bunnies.
in my mind,
this is what a “professional gold digger” looks like.
the “you see me but don’t hear from me” type of vixen.
all about that bread and making it work for her.
kinda like how amber rose was before she started speaking out loud.
in any event,
very nice alena!

visit alena: instagram | twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “VIXEN CANDY: (39)”

  1. Very pretty indeed. Russian women are beautiful and I have to give them credit for that because Russian men are not good-looking to be honest. She kind of remind of me of one my Ukrainian friend but she had black hair and was shorter than me like 5’3 or 2, and gorgeous.

  2. Damn dude, she’s fucking beautiful.Especially in the main pic.If she took that main pic herself then damn, she’s got perfect timing.I was unaware Russian girls could look like that.I do know Russian is a producer of one my fave Film-Hookers.The Black Russian Edic/Eric.

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