K Michelle Can Get It


…my 7.99 off this itunes.
k michelle….

be honored to be added to my playlist for next week.
i loooooovvvveeee “time”.

lowkey: i love how she name dropped all those jackals she dated.

“if they ain’t trying to get with her,
they trying to get with him..”


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “K Michelle Can Get It”

  1. I feels her music but not so much her. I used to love her on Love and Hip hop Atlanta, but wasn’t feeling her show and some of the antics she has pulled in the last few years, BUT when it comes to her voice and music I’m a fan. She sings what I’m feeling a lot of times with no remorse.

  2. She’ll be back with another jackal in no time. She screams on her shows how much she loves White men yet you always see her back again with an ain’t sh*t ninja who looks like he just got released out the county jail. She clearly has a type so she better check herself before going in on men all the time. Her album was ok for me (maybe it will grow on me like Tamar’s) but I really like “Rich” and her song with Jason Derulo.

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