I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (49)

tumblr_m45cbkaexS1r4yegro1_5001“stab that bitch in the neck!
stab that bitch hoe!”
that’s not the latest trap song to hit the billboard 200.
that is probably what the bystanders of this latest tragic scenario thought.
so 9 jackals were charged with murder after an all about street brawl.
it started because 2 she-jackals were fighting over a male jackal.
that is always an entertaining show down in the wild.
it ended with someone getting killed tho…


the stabbing starts at 2:06.
  bonafide animals.
look at this “michael myers” looking muthafucka:


isn’t that scary?
well demajhay bell,
who was 18,
was stabbed in the neck during the commotion.
he wasn’t fighting,
but was simply watching.
he died hours later.
the brawl contained 50 animals who came equipped with:


according to the daily mail,
9 people between 18 and 39 were charged.
this is the killer:
3288490800000578-3509511-image-a-47_1458918620211lets see the other mugshots of the good law abiding citizens:

giphyis it wrong that i look down on shit like this?
i might get angry,
and i may see me poppin’ your lip,
but i realize that we live in a world where a muthafuck WILL kill you.
kill you and proceed to upload it on wshh.

“look what i did to that bitch hoeeeeee.
i put a knife in that muthafuckin bitch heart trickkkk.
he dead yo!”

if you win,
you still lose because they will wait for your ass again.
it’s not worth it.
at this point,
you can say what you want at this point in my life.
i’ve been called a lot worse by people i thought were my friends.
my walking away or not responding lets you know how insignificant you are.
tumblr_nyylydsQt31tft7pho10_540rip demajhay bell.

read full details on: daily mail

13 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (49)

  1. It’s so sad. I see it in my hood. Generations of children brought up by traumatized, dysfunctional people. By the the time you are 10 or 11 and have seen folks murdered, stabbed and drug dealing is normal you get hardened and you have young people committing horrible things like this. Schools in many black neighborhoods suck. And jails are an industry waiting to swallow them up. This is a problem are society as a whole must address be we are so divided by class, race and political party I don’t see it happening.

  2. No joke, but I am scared of black teenagers. In New York, the black teens are slashing people’s faces for fun. For Fun!!!!!!!!!! Not trying to be offensive or anything but when I see a black teen I make sure to walk on the other side of the street. I can’t take that risk because I love myself way too much. Hell no, you think I’m going to be naive o a fool, shit if you could be staring into blank air and these black kids will just start jumping at you for no reason. Yea I keep my distance.

    Btw I’m surprised Black Lives Matter protesters have been quiet cause they are usually the first to announced the death of an innocent black male. *sip tea*

      1. I’m scared… I mean New York always had their crazy moments and moreso in the South Bronx, but back then it was usually gang-related o theft o reasons, I’m not making excuses o saying it was okay, but now it’s like I just going to stab that person because I just want to without any remorse o logic o knowing the difference between right or wrong. That scares me.

        Where are the mothers? But then again I’m not surprised they are just as worst as their kids because those girls who were fighting, would you believe one of the girl’s mother was there and the one who drove her daughter to fight the other girl and the mom is 32 or something. Wow, just completely wow.

    1. Seeing as the perpetrator has been arrested
      There’s no need for BLM to get involved
      The entire point is to protest the unjust killings of unarmed black people
      Not that what happened to this guy isn’t a terrible situation
      But his murderer will be going to prison for the rest of his life

    2. Who you telling? Being in Chicago, I can tell you these young black children are those of the devil. No sense of humanity at all. I moved North (and people are saying North isn’t much better, but I’m pretty comfortable though.) and considered moving back to the South Side to save a few dollars, but naahhhh, these kids are just killing for fun nowadays. It is really hard being a black man trying to do right.

      I thought this post was gonna be about the man that got 100 years for giving his niece a gun to shoot a girl some boy.

  3. 10 people have been charged with aggravated assault and felony murder. In Georgia, that is mandatory life in prison without parole. The only logical response when something like this begins is to get away from it as far and as fast as possible. Spectators frequently become participants or victims.

  4. I will not call them animals; animals only kill prey for food for their survival. I confess I cannot, at the moment, think of an appropriate description of the things we saw involved in that mayhem. Maybe, ‘things’ is the best word I can summon. I love our people, but I have to say some who share my hue seem like they are a different species.

    1. ^” I love our people, but I have to say some who share my hue seem like they are a different species.”

      it’s absolutely disgusting.

  5. Hey Jamari, I’ve been coming to your page for many many years now, I’ve never commented but lord knows I wanted too lol!!!.. Love everything you’re doing!!! But this incident happened in my home town and it has everyone up in arms. It’s sad when the normal high school drama turns into this. I just remember when we used to fist fight one on one the grown ups would break it up not partake in it.

    1. ^thank you so much tremain!
      i love when lurkers peek out to share their views.

      these days people don’t fight anymore.
      it’s kill or be killed.
      everyone wants to “one up” the last.

      i’m mad some 39 year old was also involved.
      that whole crowd was underaged.
      its bad when adults aren’t trying to break shit up now.

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