He Masturbated In Front of Me At The Studio

latestdiane warren is an amazing songwriter.
i’m sure you have heard most of her written songs a time or two:

i was here – beyonce
the one i gave my heart to – aaliyah
un-break my heart – toni braxton
how do i live – leann rimes
have you ever – brandy
for you i will – monica

x peep the rest of her resume

she is a monster with the pen.
she writes “break up” well.
i would love to interview her one day.
well i read an interview with cosmo with her that was quite interesting.
she was talking about perverted behavior within the industry.
this is a snippet of what she said…

Have you seen, in your experience in the music industry, overt sexism or sexual harassment or sexual abuse? Is it a problem in the industry?
Yeah. You see this thing with Kesha. Look, when I was coming up, I remember going to see someone’s engineer, and he masturbated in front of me. I wasn’t a female recording artist. I was just a songwriter. So I didn’t get a lot of that, to be honest. But that was enough. You think about these young girls coming up. It’s so weird, the whole oversexualization. I was looking at a Rolling Stone, they did a thing on the ’90s. They had a thing on Britney Spears. I’m looking at that, and it’s really gross. She’s like this schoolgirl, she was, like, 15. I don’t know. At the time, I didn’t think it was gross.

But now I’m like, it’s so sexualized. And they’re, like, old men, older guys coming up with this marketing plan. She’s 15. Do you know what I mean? Like, I didn’t [used to] think of stuff like that. But now you look and you go, “Ugh.” Those guys in a boardroom coming up with that. It’s not women. Most women would be horrified.

look at the pop music of the 90s.
some of our fav pop songs were teaching us to be young hoes.
these young vixens were extremely tongue in cheek with their sexuality.


nowadays its the likes of “ariana grande”.
older white wolves seem to like their vixens looking 15,
but acting like they know their way around a penis.
this always happens with vixens,
but this also happens with “us” in the life as well.
i remember when i was younger,
and looked more “innocent”,
i always got hit on my older wolves.
at the time,
i was very naive about most things.
when i think about it now,
and especially when i was at church
tumblr_nj9afhFI2A1tk496vo7_250i could have been the opposite of a “lolita”.
star fox lost his virginity to an older wolf and he was in his early teens.
i think he was like 29 and star fox was 14-ish.
some older wolves prey on innocence of young foxes.
i’m always disgusted  at the naked young big dick wolves on tumblr.
like he looks like a cub.
why is he being reblogged?
i often wonder about the young male talent in the industry.

look at how sexual usher was during his first album
chis brown alleged was smashin’ his 40 year old manager
lou pearlman and chris stokes have many rumors that follow them

the industry is no joke.
i just a picture of a singer and an older male actor wolf posing.
it could be innocent,
but i’m like:

“how did these two get so close?
this singer wolf isn’t even mainstream…”

your male fave,
in whatever genre,
may have spread their bunz/put a pipe in their mouth for fame.
not all,
but some have been whoring themselves out.
chris brown and justin bieber look the most damaged to me.
as i work in the industry,
and hear the rumors/gossip,
nothing really surprises me anymore.
it will always be a shock to those who are naive and on “the outside”.


the truth will always be stranger than fiction.

lowkey: if your fav ig attentionisto is allegedly escorting,
while pretending to be a “personal trainer”,
then celebs are not that far off.

article taken: cosmopolitan

pictures of britney spears credited: david lachapelle/rolling stone


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “He Masturbated In Front of Me At The Studio”

  1. I can’t say that I am surprised because let be honest when you give old men, especially older white men, money and power they feel like they can do whatever they want. They know you will do about just anything for a few bucks and some fame, and they also know you won’t say anything because if you ruin their reputation, they will certainly ruin your career for life.

    1. ^many of these artists do things and h ave things held over their head.
      when they start getting outta line,
      you notice mad stories start coming out as well.
      when the “powers that b” want to destroy you,
      they will.

  2. the actress Olivia Munn used to talk about a director who masturbated in front of her
    the man actually came out and admitted it was him who she was talking about

    speaking of the young big dick wolves on tumblr
    I think the same thing
    Sometimes you can’t tell how old they are because they’re so tall
    but then you’ll see a lot of them barely have any hair on their face
    straight out of a jorges gang video

    1. Happy Easter Jamari & the Foxhole!

      In the industry, there is a cycle of adults who pursue these stars when they’re young in order to sleep with them. Then once they either grow tired of them/the star grows tired of it/they’re costing more than they’re worth (to them) they start having problems with their label and such. Then once they get older and have made it they pick up where they were dropped off and the victim becomes the predator. Or at least that is what I have heard so it may not be true (but I think it is)

      Many ppl don’t see the problem with the oversexualization of the young looking. They figure it normal since that is how society operated for a long time and know that consumers are obsessed wit the “young and sexy” so they figure there is always a market for it. They might even say that the above photos were marketed for 15 year old boys and never considered it for grown men (in a fabricated PR statement). Contracts that many ppl don’t read throughly with legal counsel present may stipulate that the kid has to submit to the concept of the photo shoot. Some parents overlook it or justify it since their baby is gonna be a star and is “finally being recognized for his/her talents” or are just bought off. The objective is to make them somebodies wet dream, be it the pre-teen virgin or the middle-aged businessman.

      But to your point about tumblr, some may be underaged just trying to feel grown and we do need to be careful about it. However, others are ppl who look much younger than they realy are and in a way may be trying to prove to the world that they are legal. As someone who would fit in the latter category, I can understand their feelings. It gets really old when your in your twenties and everyone thinks that you are in high school. I think it’s similar to child stars going down their dark path not only b/c of the pressures that they face but also to show “I’m not a disney/nickelodeon kid anymore. I’m a grown (wo)man and I know about sex, alcohol, etc.”

  3. This is constantly going on behind the scenes, people just keep it on hush. Money can buy you so much power in life. One I always remember is Aaliyah was brought into the industry early, about 14 or 15, by R Kelly. A sweet girl too.

  4. The rumor is to this day that Diddy was messing with Usher. Diddy even said something about them in bed together when he was drunk and doing an interview but then he caught himself and changed the story up quick. Then there were rumors that Usher messed with Bieber. The statutory raping and passing around of young boys in Hollywood by the gay elite is an open secret. There would be no Tom Cruise if he didn’t sleep his way to the top. And countless others.

  5. Just look at the “Coreys” The kids from “Diff’rent Strokes” Drew Barrymore or the little blond girl from “House On the Priare”. Hell what about John Travolta talking about “The Jews in Hollywood who ask for sexual favors” just a few years ago. This mess has been going on for to long and to afraid to speak on it. If I had a child I would refuse to put them in this industry while they are children. The things these adults do to them can mess them up for life. Especially considering that alot of these people are not told on and brought to justice. It is entirely to dangerous a place for children.

  6. @Mysone I agree a 1000 percent, I would never put my child in the entertainment industry. I didnt think nothing of it at the time, because I was young too but grown when Brandy and Destiny Child and countless other young acts hit the scene in the 90’s when they were all teens, that they all dressed way beyond their years and had this over sexualized images that probably sent all the wrong messages. Years later we hear the horror stories about what happened like Brandy going with the dude from Boyz 2 Men as a teen when he was a grown ass man at the time although he was young he was still too old and clearly she had a sexual relationship with him, it was rumored that she was very fast as a teen and I heard the same about Beyonce, Monica also being a little fast. It is very hard for parents to say anything when the children are making millions of dollars and paying all their bills. Even the young stars who were technically grown when they entered the industry like Mary J and members of Jodeci who have had substance abuse problems dealing with the fame and life as stars in later years. I can not say that I would be any different, I was able to take it slow and grow into adult hood without the temptation of money, drugs and fame. Years ago before blogging became an everyday thing, it was this dude who worked behind the scene in the industry name Yancy who used to report on happenings in the industry, he would focus on Black celebs and would especially have hot gossip about DL dudes and alleged gay dudes in the industry. The stories he told back in the 90’s early 2000’s seemed so scandalous at the time, and unbelievable at times, but now fast forward almost 20 years later and dealing with today’s entertainment industry, I see these same things are going on and even more now than then. You can see the empty look in Chris Brown and Justin B eyes like they are in incredible pain, both looked washed out. We would probably all be beyond shocked if we could get an inside look of what really goes on and what people would be willing to do to be famous. Just google Chris Stokes, Raz B clearly something tragic happened. I think the devils of the industry are a lot more careful in today’s time because the internet was not popping like it is now and it was no social media to determine your favorite entertainer every move, or even camera phones to capture some of the moments so scandals back in the day had witnesses but no concrete proof, it was all he say she say.

  7. Yeah, it’s weird that they make everything over sexual, but that’s what sells, let’s be honest. They’re not just putting out what they, the music executives, want to see, but what everyone wants to see.

    You know what most 13-17 year old boys want to see? Barely dressed young girls. It’s wrong, but it makes sense.

    We like naked people, that’s why you have post called, “Meat’. Lol!

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