K Michelle Breaks Completely Down

tumblr_mrihj8VmR81qa2oy8o1_500 i’m up.
i’m in pain.
for the life of me,
i don’t know how i hurt my hand,
but it’s on fire right now.
just as long as it allows me to use my magic wand aka keyboard.
so i decided to catch up on some celeb news in the morning hours.
i came across this video of k michelle on “sway in the morning”.
during the interview,
k michelle broke completely down.
sway and heather b even had to get up to hug her.
check it out…

i feel her tho.
you know what i think?
well i’ll tell ya.
k michelle plays this “role” when she has to be on,
but i feel she is not that vixen when she is just “kimberly”.
she seems like she has good intentions.
her heart seems really big and i get that she is a “carer” as well.
she reminds me of myself.
we are both quick to cuss you the fuck out
tumblr_nf28qhkzal1t1bekoo1_500…but we also very passionate about those we care about.
we go wrong expecting the same kind of treatment from others.
so because of all that,
she got screwed over too many times and her wall is up.
all that fighting and clapping back is a defense mechanism.
“hurt animals hurt animals”.
by watching that video,
she seems to be in some kind of pain too.
her latest album,
“more issues than vogue”,
speaks to me in so many ways.
it is helping me navigate through my own issues.
i’ll continue to be a supporter.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “K Michelle Breaks Completely Down”

  1. K michelle is reaping what back what she has put out, we have to let go of stuff and not react to bad people and things in our life. Stop messing around with people and things that are no good for us.your life gives you warning’s always pay attention to the whispers .

    1. ^this is a very interesting comment.
      i can see the truth because she has met some real ungrateful animals.
      she seems like she lets anyone in who will prove loyal to her.

      how they turned on her over memphitz was wrong tho.
      funny how karma came back in that situation.

  2. I LOVE her even more now because she just crossed from Show Michelle to Real Michelle for me. She really reminds me of girls I went to school with at Clark-Atlanta. FUCK the “industry”! Get paper! I feel her on the work thing too. I tend to over do it as well. You HAVE to take ME time or you will burn the fuck out. I wanna hug her! Buying the record this weekend!

  3. I don’t like her
    She is a bitch
    Very loud, very nasty
    And she has a perception that gay men are flamboyant
    She hates masculine gay men and doesn’t know how to react to them
    I don’t support her, I’m glad she cried

  4. Sounds like she could use the book. The thing about caring and being nice is we end up snapping and then being perceived as the crazy one when it’s just we get so frustrated and fed up with being nice and disappointed we implode

  5. As I said before she has a great voice, she’s pretty and I love some of her music ( not everything) but her actions to somethings hold her back professionally to me. Exposing her one time fling with Idris ( so she says, he never confirmed ), getting into in with females on and off camera, and exaggerating what happened with Memphis.

    Super talented girl who speaks to my heart through her music but just to much for me to over look. I put her in the same category with Chris Brown and Tamar.

      1. Lol I think what really broke the camels back for me was her latest interview with that girl from the breakfast club. She just totally went in on her and I’m still trying to figure out why she didn’t go in on any of the guys sitting there.

        I’ve noticed that she has the tendency to attack someone in person who she knows is not going to go back and fourth with her.

  6. I was one of the people who had to @ K Michelle when she went in on Angela Yee from the breakfast club. K is always starting drama and then wants to put the drama on some respectable woman. She likes to go in on these type of women because they don’t do the fighting thing. Fighting is so childish and yo ass should know how to carry yourself when you grown.
    She always ends up breaking down over and over again because you can’t run from you. She gonna have a moment again because she doesn’t change her attitude and reactions. I like very few songs from K and I like most of the females she get into it with like Rasheeda and Angela Yee. Yee was sticking up for K and she went in on her like she wasn’t. Talking about woman power when she always attacking women. Then have the berve to say drama always happen around album sales. Drama she started and her album does what it does buy it ain’t like she selling like that.
    I’m glad she got her held in emotions out but when is she gonna stop breaking down from her life and actually learn and grow. So she can stop crying over the same BS. Maybe one day she will get it right. THE END!

    1. ^yall have def shined a new light on k michelle for me.
      im glad i am objective enough to research and see where she continues to go wrong.
      like tony said,
      she may need to pick up with us during the foxhole book club.

  7. Wow I dont know what to say about K. I remember liking her from the jump and still like her music, but her persona sometimes leaves alot to be desired. She seems like the kind of female who plays like they like gay dudes in their face but talk mad shit about them behind their back and when she went in on Nikko and his homie about an alleged DL relationship they were having, that is when I saw her true colors and realized just like all these other vixens gay men put on a pedestal, they dont give a shit about you and still think you are some vile person but they are tolerant of you so that they can steal your lingo and style. With all that being said, I still somewhat feel her because she seems to admit her mistakes and wants to grow to be a better person, she like many of us can take one step forward and two steps back. The interview with Angela Yee last week was very petty on her part and made me throw up my hands, but this interview makes me see her in a different light. None of us are perfect and we all have our flaws and she seems to open up more than most artist and I can respect that. This fame thing aint easy and most of these artist end up going insane in some form or fashion and with social media the breaking point comes alot faster than in the old days. It is easy to forget that these people are human and can crack just like you and me and for what ever reason it seems that people in the entertainment industry are beyond sensitive to criticism. Hell you even see that on Instagram and Facebook with attention whores. When they are criticized they cry like babies and block people. You have to have some thick skin to make it in this business. Much like her twin Keyshia Cole, she wants to answer to every critic, when she just needs to let things go.

  8. The thing that got K upset with Yee was how Yee was all up at her release party, but went back and started talking about her VAGINA after the moment had already passed. I believe she was right w/ that, so Yee bye. She’s always low key shady in interviews with females!!

    She also addressed the “gay” stuff that she supposedly and when ppl can’t kill your collar after one way they try a different approach lol it’s sad.

      1. A reader above talked about her perception of gay men. When I seen her last year she addressed that and called it bs. She’s lived in ATL, so she knows a thing or two. I also believe ppl talk abt stuff like this with no receipts either.

    1. Charlamagne and Envy did the same thing as Angela so why not confront them.She can have a seat by playing the woman card as many times as she has insulted other women on social media.Her fans remind me of Kenya Moore’s fans it’s never her fault,she is always the victim.If you are always in feuds than you obviously you are partly to blame.

      1. Preach Y Colette!! K is a hypocrite. She lives for drama. It’s only a problem when people are coming for her. And YESS on the Kenya Moore stans!! They are Ray Charles to her instigating all the drama but then want to cry a river when people react to her shenanigans.

  9. Lol I’m sorry but these comments are amusing.

    K. Michelle is a reality tv persona! She is also one of the very FEW R&B Female acts to gain any kind of attention in a good while and that can very well attributed to her reality tv persona and her clapbacks!

    Of course she’s going to beef and say outlandish things because it’s basically the only way people are going to pay attention long enough to listen to her music.

    Maybe she should be meek and mild like these other women and fade into the background, but clearly it’s working if you all are talking about her. No one talks about Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, etc.

    1. hm, idk. With all that carrying on, she still hasn’t gotten that much from it. She’ll still fade into the background with the “meeks and milds” as you put it, at least they will be known for their music, unless you don’t care to be known for that, . Tbh I don’t have strong opinions on her because i’ve never watched any show she’s on, or listened to her music, so I’m neutral on this.
      From my p.o.v. her strategy has a time limit, like everyone else. She’s not “famous enough” to make this last.

      Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga are all known for their antics. If she wants to be a stunt queen like them I think she should try their approach, but I don’t see longevity in any of their careers. (especially Iggy and gaga and it’s ashame because Gaga has a beautiful voice)

      Nothing wrong with “keeping it real” but she should be careful to not become so obnoxious to the point where people will start to brush her aside like how the public does with all of artists i mentioned. People lose interest of that crap after while, except for diehard fans. When no one cares, then what? She would have to start from the ground up and rebrand, but is she famous enough for that? By that time, her 15 minutes would have been up 15 minutes ago, and from my perspective, the clock is seriously ticking Hm.

  10. Another thing. I know how tough it is for black women in the corporate world where it’s white male dominated so I can only imagine how bad it is in the music industry if you’re not a brand like Beyoncé or Rihanna.

    K. Michelle has her hands in a lot of baskets as far as recording music and dealing with reality tv 24/7

    No one has been able to successful do that like she has

  11. Love K. Michelle’s music but she has been acting up a lot lately. She recently did a livestream and in it she started dragging fans, her label and just being childish, talkin’ ’bout she’s just having fun and she never has fun. Entertaining for television purposes, but not suitable for real life. And that Angela Yee argument was so petty.

  12. K. is so talented and I definitely feel that she’s misunderstood. If you go beneath the surface of what she’s saying a lot of it is true. Especially about “the industry.” So many people are called “crazy” when they talk against what’s going on in the industry.

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