Looks Like Snow on the HOE-rizon

tumblr_mcrc2o0oOx1qmbg8bo1_500every time i see him,
i think to myself:

“i want to ride him into the next century.”

that is the tamest i’ve said.
he is exactly my type i’d deal with,
the only thing is that he is covered in snow

i see this snow wolf every day.
it’s like he is on my “law of attraction” radar.
when i think about him,
he will randomly pop up.
i try not to leer,
but it’s really hard.
he has caught me peepin’ him a few times.
tumblr_m6rzc3X5o31rp62eq i can’t help it.

he does construction.
i don’t particularly know what he is doing,
but all i know,
he is there to fix something that’s broke.
 he might be there to cum fix my celibacy blues for a night.
he always wears tight t-shirts,
the same dirty jeans,
gloves in his back right pocket,
and timbz.
his arms is what i noticed first.
his pecs was next.
his tail isn’t big,
but there is something to grab on.
he was taking off his sweater and his t-shirt underneath rode up today.
i saw his naked back and i swear i almost lost my mind.
you can tell he knows his way around the gym.
he always has on a fitted,
walks kinda bow legged,
and looks stupid masculine.
that “snow wolf” masculine.
the type that fights strangers outside bars when his favorite team loses,
but will fuck the shit out of you when they win.
he looks irish or maybe even italian.
moreso irish tho.
i don’t care what he is.
in my imagination,
he is “a fuck”.
i got chills writing that.

1582_largealas i’m sure he is straight.
my fantasy wolves tend to b.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Looks Like Snow on the HOE-rizon”

  1. Sounds sexy, I have a crush on this Mexican wolf at my job , he looks young af but has a toned body and a fine model like face. I’m always looking his way or walking by him tryin to look cute, he notices what I do , but I know in the back of my head he’s straight.

    Your snow wolf sounds like a real macho type, I’m sure he notices you fashion sense.

  2. Well, it looks like you found another one lol. Ain’t nothing wrong with playin in the snow as long as the man is woke.

  3. I’m proud of your growth. You’d be surprised what you’re attracted to when you open your mind up. Some of the best I ever had was white. Good for you Jamari.

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