Gabrielle Union: Eat Wolf Tail and Drink A Gallon of Water A Day?

sidebar: gabrielle union is still a beautiful vixen.
she doesn’t age.
i hope to age like her.
wolves love to act one way in the forests,
but will be the complete opposite in the bedroom.
more vixens/foxes are turning their wolves out.
i had a vixen tell me how she bent a whole wolf over.
one i knew!!!!
i didn’t know they were fuckin’,
but he was addicted to her.
gabrielle union seems to be one of those vixens.
she had an interview with “sway in the morning” last week.
the topic?
how she eats wolf tail.
this is what she said via tmz sports
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Waka Flocka Is Checking “OTHER” Now

i’m confused.
so so confused…

maybe one of the foxholers can break the following down for me.
so waka flocka claims he is not african american.
he might be “red foot and black tail indian”.
i kid you not.
check his interview from “sway in the morning”

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K Michelle Breaks Completely Down

tumblr_mrihj8VmR81qa2oy8o1_500 i’m up.
i’m in pain.
for the life of me,
i don’t know how i hurt my hand,
but it’s on fire right now.
just as long as it allows me to use my magic wand aka keyboard.
so i decided to catch up on some celeb news in the morning hours.
i came across this video of k michelle on “sway in the morning”.
during the interview,
k michelle broke completely down.
sway and heather b even had to get up to hug her.
check it out…
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Iggy Azalea Can’t Do Dat, Do Dat, Do Do Dat Dat Dat

tumblr_myy3n9aSYo1to4600o1_500oh iggy azalea.
our little princess from bleach.

the gates are open now.
everyone is finding something wrong with you.
so lets go back to 2013.
this is the fateful day she appeared on “sway in the morning”.
sway asked her to “drop a hot 16” as he usually does.
well the entire atmosphere changes shortly after that…
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